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iPad min: Worth it?

This week’s question: Tara asks “Moire, do you think the new iPad mini is all it is cracked up to be?” Moire’s answer: Another great question from one of my readers!  Tara, thank you for emailing me.  I do love the iPad mini.  This might surprise many of you that remember my rants about the Apple Store and how non-kitty friendly it was.  I admit, I was skeptical of the need for another Apple product, but I was fully convinced when I […]

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Special Valentine!

This week’s question: Patsy asks, “Moire, do you have a special Valentine?” Moire’s answer: Patsy, thanks for your question.  I dare say that I am a gentleman who rarely kisses and tells.  I do enjoy the gentler sex, however I must tell you I’ve been keeping a low profile lately.  My popularity has been sky rocketing in the last year and frankly, I have to fight off those desperate female felines.  It isn’t easy being such a handsome, robust, and intelligent specimen. […]

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Do I like my new home?

This week’s question: Bonnie asks:  Is Moire adjusting well to his new home?  I bet he loves all those windows. Moire’s answer: Bonnie, thanks for posting this question on our facebook page.  Facebook is the cat’s meow!  I am adjusting just purrrrfectly to my new surroundings.  I not only enjoy sitting in the window sills but also at the top of the stairway.  From there I can survey my property and make sure all of these humans are working efficiently! I also have […]

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Do I go outside MPA?

This week’s question: Martin asks “Do you ever make public appearances outside the MPA store?” Moire’s answer: Hello Martin!  Thank you for the question.  If you are asking “Do I roam the streets like a typical tom cat?” The answer is NO.  I have no time for such foolishness!  However, if you are asking “Do you have an agent, and do you do paid public appearances including, but not limited to; product launches, club openings, endorsements?”  The answer is YES! My agent tells me […]

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What about my glasses?

This week’s question: Mary asks “I’ve been wondering about your glasses.  Are they ‘readers’ or do you actually go to a kitty optometrist?  Love the look!  Are they designers?” Moire’s answer: Very good question, Mary!  The compliment is also greatly appreciated.   Flattery will get you everywhere! The glasses pictured (at left) were a prop just for the “Ask Moire” photo shoot.  They were supplied by the famed kitty couture accessory designer, Muffy Fluff Chanel.  (Trust me, I tried to sneak them […]

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Update on our new location.

This week’s question: Tiffany asks, “Moire, I’m looking for a update on MPA’s new store in Bloomfield?  When will you be moving?” Moire’s answer: Ah yes, Tiffany.  That is a fair question.   We all know how construction projects can drag on… and on… and on, but the wait is almost over!  MPA will be moving soon and I will be writing my emails in our new location at 202 S. Madison on the beautiful historic Bloomfield square in a few short […]

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