I just wanted to pass on compliments to Alex and the other tech who came today. They did a great job, worked tirelessly past 5 p.m. and trouble shot many things while here. Alex did an exceptional job for us last week, and then followed up with a very detailed list of what needs to be done and what is complete for me today.

I can’t say thank you enough. I know we have a list to finish up tomorrow, but Alex has us off to a great start.

Thanks for your prompt, professional service, MPA.


Thanks so much, I sure appreciate you!



As usual you are awesome! Thank you for your help and for your time!


My problem was resolved very quickly and I have not had any issues with this since I spoke to Alex. I appreciate the quick response to my problem and I really liked dealing with Alex.

Thank you for your time.


Thanks Alex.

Your calm demeanor and efficiency helped me calm down. Tax season is so stressful and not being able to work for 2 days and getting behind adds to that stress.

Now, the computer not only works, it is also much faster.

Tom Rodgers

Thank you Alex! You are my HERO! :)

Nakia Jarvis

I am always pleased with the service you provide, I have been very spoiled by Nathan and his quick to help attitude, and Alex has the same here to help you demeanor, you have a wonderful team!!!
Thank you.



Thank you for allowing Trey to visit your business for the day and for providing him with this experience. It sounds as though he had a good day and gained important information to help guide future decisions regarding his education.

I also appreciate the email correspondence that your company has sent to keep me updated.

Thank you again.

Shelley Koons

Alex did a great job. No complaints here.

Amanda Snyder, Mid-States Manufacturing & Engineering

I appreciate everything Nathan does for us. Doesn’t matter what it is or what time it is, he’s always helpful.


Everything is working fine. Alex is a fine representative for MPA. Thank you.

Michele Marker, Iowa Aluminum

I thank OUR TECHNICIANS over & over again – but don’t always give Michael my kudos.

Michael – thanks for putting up with me when things are crashing – I know I get worked up, but you always stay calm and make sure we get taken care of!

Appreciate you all and wanted to extend special thanks for all of the work you’ve done for us this week in particular!!

Debbie Rasmussen, Clearview Animal Hospital

Fast service, working great.

Bill Duey, Iowa Real Estate Services

Nathan Norton did an excellent job in helping me clean up my hard drives after I migrated to Windows 10. Freed up lots of needed storage to make the system run smoothly.

Had some suggestions for me to try while installing my new printer. That went smoothly as well.

My issue with some real estate appraisal software was directed to the software provider and they were able to solve that one too.

So… all seems to be running smoothly after the migration.

Nathan is great to work with and very knowledgeable with PCs and is patient. Two attributes I need help with.

Michele Marker, Iowa Aluminum

We appreciate the prompt response we get from the crew at MPA!! They have been great to work with as we transition from an internal IT process to their managed IT platform. Really looking forward to the benefits we will see from this relationship.

Laurie Buckhahn, Golden Age Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Things are working great. Nathan does a good job and he is so professional!

Judy Combs, Davis County Tourism

Thank you David. It has been great to work with Michael to get us back on track with our web-site. He has been both professional and very helpful.

Pam Breeding, Noyes Law Office

Everything is great and everyone is happy. Nathan is a great guy and very knowledgeable. We always appreciate his time when he comes here.

Carolyn Scott, Martin Law Office

We want to give you a big THANK YOU for your prompt and professional attention to our situation. It was greatly appreciated and we have had no more suspicious e-mails.


I am so thankful we have MPA in our community. Everyone is so helpful. I really appreciate you!

Mark McFarland, City of Bloomfield Water Plant

Nathan you did a very good job. Nice to meet you. Hopefully you will be the one to help me in the future if I need some. Thanks again.

Jay Allison, 10-15 Transit

I called MPA because I needed a computer moved from one server to another along with some issues on another computer. Nathan showed up to address the issues and by the time he left had fixed everything. MPA knows computers! Thanks!

Lisa McElroy, Anderson, Larkin & Co. P.C.

We just wanted to thank you for the singing telegram & the goodies we received at the office today!

Doug Brown, Ottumwa, IA

So far so good on the switch over from Windows 10 back to Windows 7. I have not had any issues, so far. Thanks for your assistance, Alex. It was very much appreciated.

Lynn Sims | IT Director, Davis County Hospital

Thanks for everything MPA has done to help us out with the Office 365 project. It has been a success due to the hard work your team has contributed and I appreciate it very much.

Laura, Kness Manufacturing

Just wanted to give a little “kudos” shout out for Nathan and Nathan today. During the storm here in Albia, they noticed that there was water coming in under an overhead door where some boxes ready for shipment were sitting. They moved the boxes and swept the water out the door. I certainly appreciated them looking out for us and going above and beyond the tasks they were here to do. Just thought you would appreciate hearing some appreciation for your staff.

Dennis Van Gorp, Van Gorp Insurors

Nathan did a great job as usual. I’m very pleased.

Lynn Manning

Nathan Norton did a great job, even with our old computers. We are very pleased and will recommend you to others.

Megan Simonsen (Bloomfield PD)

We just wanted to thank you for the singing telegram & goodies we received at the office today! The Police Department had a printer issue, MPA had a service member to the Law Center within 10min. The service member spent an hour or so working on the printer. He did correct the issue. The service member also offered advice that the printer maybe “on its last leg”, it is nice to know these things so extra money isn’t wasted purchasing ink that would go to waste on a dated printer. Thank you for your time and for servicing Davis County.


Brenda Parcel (SIEDA)

Thank you very much for the Singing Christmas Card and candies. We all enjoyed listening to Mitch and Diana. Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays!


Lisa McElroy (Anderson Larkin)

We just wanted to thank you for the signing telegram & goodies we received at the office today!

Jay Allison (10-15 Transit)

I called MPA because I needed a computer moved from one server to another along with some issues on another computer. Nathan showed up to address the issues and by the time he left had fixed everything. MPA knows computers!

Thanks, Jay

Ramona Archer

Very pleased with the service from MPA. Always prompt, helpful and courteous. I’m so happy we have such a great company in our small town. Thank you!





Rich Darr

Everything is excellent as I expected it would be from MPA. Thank you for everything.





Betty Bear

Everything is working great! So Happy about that. Nathan did a great job. Thanks.





Sharon Reese

I want to Thank Nathan Berry in helping me get to know my Windows 10 & how it works & get the rest of my programs that had not come thru. He was able to come to the house so that he could show a dense person like me how to do things instead of trying to tell me over the phone, which was really appreciated. Since I do a lot of my bill paying online he was here in a timely matter so that wasn’t interrupted to much. This is not the first time I have used MPA & I have always been satisfied. Thanks again!






Thank you so much! You are always so helpful and so patient – -I really appreciate it.





Grain Train Express

Things are going great. We love the new monitor. Nathan did a great job in moving all the important info from the old computer to the new one. Everything is working as it should. Thank you.





Ned Van Nostrand (Sieda Community Action)

Great job getting Denny’s laptop in shape again. Service was prompt and effective and there have been no issues since the remote work was completed.

Stephanie Gordy

Mr. Deaton was VERY professional, warm, and kind. I would totally recommend MPA to anyone who wants a professional working with them and their computer. I am not computer savvey and Mr Deaton totally talked to me in a way that I understood him but did not make me feel dumb. I will continue to call upon MPA for all my computer needs. Thank You.

Lyle Stirling

I think that everything is going as it should with my computer, thanks to John. He’s a great technician and cares a lot about his work. Most of all he has lots of patience with people like me.



William R. Duey

Everything working great. Showing me how to move files off main hard drive to external drive really solved many issues. Recovering my 1,781 contacts that had disappeared was a godsend.

Carol Taylor (City of Bloomfield)

Equipment is working fine. Appreciate the ‘prompt’ attention when I deleted a file by error…I had it back within one half an hour…That’s service – and ‘peace of mind’.

Mary Kirk (Ottumwa Transit)

David did an excellent job, he took his time and explained things step by step. We haven’t had time to really experiment with Google sheets yet, but we will soon. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Dorothy Steffen

Thank you for your very timely answer to my question. Your information worked perfectly and so everything is great. Can’t thank you enough. Love our laptop that we purchased from you. Thanks again.

Terri S (Centerville School District)

Our service person was prompt, polite, and very helpful. He worked through the process of clearing our computer of its virus and ensuring that it was not present on any other levels on the machine. He then assisted us in installing virus protection. We were very pleased with our experience and impressed by the company’s follow up to ensure our satisfaction. We would highly recommend them.


Melissa (Ottumwa Radio)

Donnie & Jodie: Thanks so much! You guys are GREAT!!!!

Amanda Harlan (Kness Manufacturing)

MPA Team: As always, Nathan was very efficient and professional which we appreciate.



My MPA tech, John, provided service that was fast, friendly, knowledgeable and successful in fixing all my computer woes. Very pleased! Thank you!


Tom Rodgers (City of Ottumwa)

Chris, John & David – SUCCESS! The Ottumwa City Council live stream event went perfectly last night! Hats off to Mr. Deaton for the fine troubleshooting.


Tracy Songer (Ottumwa Radio)

Thanks for thinking of us. John is very good at what he does. If I had my choice, I would request him or David every time we need something. It’s not that everyone else is bad… You are all pretty decent. It’s just that they’re so good it puts everybody else to shame. (no offense intended). I am just very comfortable about things getting done right the first time and understanding what was wrong and how they fixed it before they leave. Thanks!


Karen McCarty

After we got the new router everything is okey dokey…..got quick service, and a nice guy that didn’t mind 3 wild dogs…..love ya guys. I will always send people to you!


Gary West

Nathan did great, he was patient with my questions, spoke to me at my level and knew what he was doing! Thanks to all at MPA and of course Nathan! Thanks again!


Thanks for your help. Great service, as usual. Thanks.

Emily Penner

Ipad class was wonderful! It was very helpful and I learned a lot. Already used it today for other things :) I’m trying to figure out how I can utilize it for 1st graders next year in reading…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

P.S. if I would have had my science class yesterday you would have had another person in our class. You might have a couple of more customers from Ottumwa because of me bragging about you all. :)


Angie Kopera

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My day did end up fantastic thanks to you, I was able to finish things for work without a headache!! Amazing Job!!

Jerry Robison (Official Pest Control Inc.)

Thanks David you made my day!!!!!!

Doug Brown

Nathan was right on time for the appointment and got the work done that was asked. So far, no problems with the new computer or program. It is just taking me some time to get used to the new Microsoft 7 and outlook, but otherwise I am very well satisfied with the computer and the service received to install it. As of right now, I would recommend MPA to anyone that asked. Keep up the good work.

GG (All American Termite & Pest Control)

John was great! Thanks for all the help. Very informative and knowledgeable. Looking forward to what you have for our website!


Nathan just left and his service was absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Karen and I wish we called before now. THANK YOU!!!

Tom Rodgers

Jodie – The Make Ottumwa Shine Slide is PERFECT! Thanks


Thank you so much! That is really impressive how it all gets done and fast. Again, thank you!

Sarah Horn

Thank you David, your team took care of me. John did it by remote the following day, and so far so good. Unfortunately what I do for work does not allow me to let anyone in my office during working hours or he would of come out. John was super friendly, nice and efficient. Thank you and your team for another happy happy computer. :)

Sarah Lindly

Nathan was professional and explained what he was doing. He diagnosed the problem immediately and fixed it, as well as putting some programs in place to avert future issues. We would recommend MPA to others with PC problems.

Emily Penner

You did VERY WELL on Dean’s desktop computer! He is VERY pleased. It goes MUCH faster and he has used it to redesign our future house plans already. Thank you so much!!!


Things seem to be going very well. The doors are WORKING as we had planned… Thanks for checking back with me. You did a great job helping us. I am very pleased.

Jon Miles

Word documents are working great! Thanks to Nathan for his help and service concerning this matter. A happy customer of MPA! Have a great weekend!
– Jon Miles

Paul and Jayne

Nathan was quick and kind as he helped me get rid of something I had downloaded and couldn’t get off of my computer. Thank you, Nathan!

– Paul & Jayne Wells

Dusty Ware

Website looks great, thank you for all the hard work and making it easy for us. I never would have thought that revamping a website could be so easy/painless.

Sharon & Jr Reese

John Deaton came and cleaned up my computer & got rid of some of my problems and I couldn’t be Happier with the way my computer is working right now. John was very nice and very sociable even though he was here on business. I would recommend John anytime.

– Sharon & Jr Reese


John, Thank You so much for taking care of my computer.

I am very HAPPY with the way it is working and so far I have not found a sign of any problems.

It is so nice to be able to look at my pictures & not have all those pop ups.

Everything seems to be working a lot better.

Thanks again & have a Great Day!!!


Glennis Ward

Things are doing great. I am very satisfied the way things are going. Thanks again for taking care of my problems.

Bill Duey

Hi Nathan,

Thank you so much again for helping with my computer setup on Tuesday.

I love it. It is a lightning fast machine and very quiet.

– Bill Duey

Carol Taylor

Who is sending out messages out this early?? Wow that’s dedication or someone can’t sleep! Have a great day.

– Carol Ann Taylor
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Bloomfield


Everything is going well. Thanks for the ‘quick’ attention! Yes, I know I’m spoiled. It’s great to hear ‘someone will be right down’ when I have the littlest quirk! Usually when I say something to the others in the office, they say, hey, while they are here could the ‘fix’ something for us too?

Connie Darr

Awesome service!  Not only did Tim resolve the speed with which my internet runs he also looked over the specifications required of my online Masters program.  Bottom line no viruses and my 2007 Dell computer has everything it needs to support my successful accomplishment of my degree.  What more can I say, I really appreciate MPA!  Thank you.


Jennifer K. Rotole

Donnie, you are one of the best customer service people I’ve ever come across. It is a dying art. Believe me when I say, people notice, appreciate, and return to businesses with trained service representatives.

Lynn Clark

You’re a pleasure! I’m a broken record when conversation comes up about MPA….sing your praises all the time. Awesome business – Awesome staff. Couldn’t be more proud to have you in our community. Keep up the good work!!

– Lynn Clark, Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative

Karen M

Thanks for excellent lesson today! I learned a ton but that does not mean I wont be calling from time to time. Thanks again!

Lynn Clark


You guys are the BOMB!! Thanks for the follow up. We had this TV in our basement & we both forgot about it until last night sooooo it’s in the van & we’ll drop it off at noon today!

I ask myself nearly every day – what did Bloomfield do Pre-MPA? IF you can fix our TV, it’ll give me something else to boast about. Thanks again buddy for the follow up. See you later!

– Lynn Clark



John called me this morning and answered my questions. He is most knowledgeable and courteous and helpful, as is Tim who I has helped me by telephone many times.

Good staff you have there.

Thanks again



Just wanted to let you know that the computer is running much better now. It is nice to be able to use the mouse again too! Thanks for the quick turn around on getting it fixed.



Thanks to everyone at MPA. I can use my laptop again. Good

Job. Thanks again.


Lisa M

Dear MPA,

My computer is running beautifully! Thanks for all you did! That is

the 2nd time you have helped me with a major computer problem and I am so

pleased with your customer service.

Lisa Mullikin



Things are working great. Tell Nathan thanks for all his help. The activation mode is working just like I need it to. Thanks.


Peter Roers

John spent time to get both computers up and working. I feel great about his customer service. Will monitor them and update you in a week or so; Talk at you soon.

Great Customer Service again.

– Peter Roers


Thanks for the follow up. I am very pleased with the new computer you guys configured for me. It is very fast, quiet and the Windows 7 is easy to convert to from XP. I was planning to upgrade computers this spring anyway and the XP issue, just pushed that along a little sooner. Nathan was excellent to work with during the data and software transfer from old to new computers. His style working with customers fits my expectations very well. When I did my walkthrough on the new CPU, I did not fully test all my functions. Hard for me to think about covering all of them. I had a few small items and Nathan helped me resolve those remotely. All is well. I am still old school and used to saving everything on my C drive, so am in the process of converting to use of the backup drive and the cloud. I will get used to that after while. Anyway, excellent machine, excellent service and you have a new customer.


GOOD MORNING MPA Support Staff! If I were in the office with you right now, I’d ask for a toast to Ross for all of his continued superior support. Can’t thank you enough, David, for seeing the vision and pursuing it in Bloomfield. We NEED you here. CHEERS friends!

Pat Zook

Always available, usually know how to solve our problems & know where to look if they don’t.  They’re fun to work with!

– Pat Zook, Hawkeye Trader

Afton Bates

I LOVE working with MPA!  They are creative, helpful and just a call or click away.  The remote support that MPA offers is a time saving solution that I have utilized many times.  I can’t say it enough, MPA ROCKS!

– Afton Bates, 97.7 TOM FM, 1480 KLEE


Mark Aeilts

MPA was hired to offer some IT advice and instead went way above and beyond to provide recommendations on getting the most value out of each of our employee and computer interrelationship issues. MPA not only stayed on schedule and on budget but has helped to us as we narrowed our focus to more clarified objectives. I am excited to know what can be achieved now that MPA is part of the SIEC team.

– Mark Aeilts, Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative


JR Milton Creamery

MPA is a lot more than a computer store they not only sell computers but are very helpful when we have any issue and are very prompt to come out and fix it. The design team is just as good, they bring us great products on a timely manner are very open when we discuss things pointing out the good things with an idea and also point out where they think we might be wrong. The website and design is a cut above a lot of sites out there, MPA is here for the long haul they want more business as we go forward, this means they work hard at doing the best job possible. Now that we have MPA we no longer have to wait for print material and then need to send it back 5 or more times before we kind of have something we can make ourselves satisfied with, and don’t need to argue about how we want it instead of how they want it.

Doug Ward

I’m more than happy to to recommend MPA’s services to anyone that needs advanced technical solutions. You and your group have always responded with solutions every time we have asked for one and often even before we became aware of the need. The ease of working with MPA is outstanding as you and your group have outperformed exceptions on many projects. Feel free to have anyone contact us with any questions regarding our experience with MPA.

– Doug Ward, Hawkeye Trader


Ryan Gratz

We have worked with MPA for many technology services from networking and equipping our office to website design and have found that they, like us, offer greater resources than many big city places, with the added benefit of small town service.  They tailor their many products to meet our specific needs and allow us to focus on great patient care.

– Ryan Gratz, Davis County Dental


Lynn Clark

I will sing the praises of the services that you & Ross have provided. You both have been so amazing to work with and a true blessing for me! Having Ross here to help has lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders! Bless your business and cheers to a hugely successful future. I pray Bloomfield recognizes and appreciates what we’ve got! THANK YOU! PS – when you are the Bill Gates of IT Support, remember Lynn Clark is your friend! Have a good weekend David! And get some rest!!!


To Whom it may concern:  I work for Ottumwa Radio.  Recently we went to ipads and needed some extra “help” in using them.  David came to our office twice and went over some basic things  and gave us ideas on how to further utilize them for our business.  It was awesome!  He worked with each of us individually to make sure we understood everything.  He also gave us different ideas for different apps we could use that really came in handy.  We will have him come back whenever we have computer questions.  Basically he made our jobs much much easier!!!

I would call MPA Computers with any computer problems or just for a little added help in making the most of your computer!

– Lindsey Chapa, Ottumwa Radio


Brandi Jerome

Thank you for all you did to get my computer back up and going. I’ve been very pleased each time I have had work done and will recommend you to friends and family.

Thanks again,
Brandi Jerome

Debbie Cason

My iPad works great. Thanks. Customer service and friendliness was top notch. I have already recommended your company!



Things are working fine so far – thanks for checking! Nathan always does a good job for us and we appreciate his expertise as our computer knowledge is somewhat limited.


Problem solved! Love you guys! Especially John!!! Thank you very much :)


Thanks Nathan for the help. That is pretty slick his we can fix things and you don’t have to leave your office.

Until next time.



Marj Bedford

Everything is working just fine. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much!

Pat K

Thanks for getting this done for me I so very much appreciate this. Tim did a great job restoring it for me and Donnie was also nice getting it arranged. You always go out of your way for me. I am not sure why I always seem to have something go wrong but you have always taken care of it ALWAYS thanks much.


Thanks so much for working to assist me so quickly on a crucial issue… I really feel you and MPA have become an invaluable member of our team. I hope you have a great day as well! Thanks again.

Theresa Taylor

I picked up my computer today and it looks and acts just like a new one. Thank you so much for your service and for the friendly staff you have. I especially like the cat (sorry, I have forgotten his name). He is beautiful, and looks especially cute with his new haircut including the little pom pom on his tail. Thank you again to all that took part in repairing my computer.



You all SCORED a HOMERUN!!! I couldn’t be more pleased and excited @ my new computer and solar key board.

I appreciate the way you all work together as a team, listening to my needs and providing incredible service. You all love your work and it shows. So grateful to have such a dedicated team!! And of course, there’s Morie – Rock Star Extraordinaire!!!

All the best!

– danita



It seems a to be working a lot better but my wife’s complaining that it still won’t let her cheat at solitaire. BAHAHA. Thanks!

Vicki Daily

We’re happy to have MPA as our new IT company, and we’re looking forward to a great working relationship!  David and Ross….You guys rock!  Thanks for taking care of our issues so quickly!!! – Vicki Daily, Finance & Office Manager – Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative

JR Milton

The printer works just great now, thanks to the excellent team you have!

Melissa Scott

HOLY COW!!!! Searching in a meter is lightning fast.  You two are awesome and do great work.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Melissa Scott, Operations, Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, Inc


Thanks a bunch Tim! As always MPA rocks!

– Afton Traffic and Billing Manager KLEE-AM/KOTM-FMAfton

– Lindsey Chapa, Ottumwa Radio

Everything works wonderful…as usual after you guys have fixed our computers!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

Lindsey Chapa

I love love love this new computer! And the new Google Apps email is 1000 times better than what we had! Thanks so much for everything! Hope you have a great weekend!

Chuck W.


– Chuck W.

Donna Kirkhart

Great Workmanship & Customer Service: Good Morning! Fantastic! It is so nice to have a personal connection! I was SO PLEASED, feel confident ; and NOW have someone to contact when I have a question and/or uneasy about a new experience ! Thank you very much and I will keep in contact and “bug” you! John, you were so patient and whomever called me, you were also very business conscience and great customer service! Congrats on a great Quality Business in Bloomfield!

– Donna Kirkhart

Donna Kirkhart

THANK YOU for the home town great service!


Jeanne Dixon

Thanks so much Jodie .. appreciate all you have done for me .. you are a wonderwoman!!!


Sharon Cox


Hi David, Tim and staff,

You guys did terrific on the task of cleaning up our computer. It definitely eliminated my problems of obtaining internet service and runs faster. Of course, I didn’t expect anything less! I had to laugh at hooking it back up….apparently I did ok as so far, I haven’t found anything that doesn’t work. Had one cable I didn’t know what it was for or where to plug it in. I went to print off something and it said, printer not on line. Took my chances on an empty plugin and whoohoo, it worked!

Thanks so much. Appreciate you being here for us.



I was very pleased with the tech. that helped me out. Thank you so much for solving my problem. For me this was a big deal.

Sarah Leer

My son is very happy. It is good as new. Thanks!

Thanks again,

Lincoln Lynch

Thanks a lot! You did a excellent job. I look forward to working with you in the future!

CK Bohi

Hey David, Yes he took care of the problem via remote… haven’t had any problems since… I think MPA does a heck of a job…. I have recommended you guys to anyone I come across having pc problems…esp people like me.. when I get overwhelmed with this technology.. lol thanks again for the quick response…. and fixing the dad gum thing.

Pamela Martin

I want to thank you guys for the work on my laptop. It is working great and is so much faster. You guys are really great at what you do and am so glad you are close by. Thanks again.

Lindsey Chapa

Thanks David!!! This looks great… I am anxious to try it all out. Also, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You do a great job at this and we are really happy to be working with you! By far….you are the most knowledgeable computer guy we have ever had at the radio station!!! Thanks again for your help!


I am just tickled pink he he. hey hr. is the low down I am a no frills guy I like you people. 1# reason I can talk to a real human BEAN .#2 I can even understand what they are saying English I love it I love it . don’t get a big head I think anybody that makes more $ than me is making to much! but that’s coming from a guy that thinks free cheese is too high. you guys are great to work with and take time to explain things to us old geezers thanks ps what’s the scoop on the xp you took back with you . hope its salvageable want to put it on my radio station bench .let me know will come in and pay you.


I just mentioned to Kelly how wonderful my computer was working after your fixed my Java problem. Thanks so much for your assistance. It seems to be working

well now. Have a great day!

– Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative

Lynn Clark


If I were in the office with you right now, I’d ask for a toast to Ross for all of his continued superior support.

Can’t thank you enough, David, for seeing the vision and pursuing it in Bloomfield. We NEED you here.

CHEERS friends!

– Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative


I am so happy that I found someone who could repair my reel2reel. I have so many reels of music and it is of the good ol’ Country!!!

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet……I need another speaker and then have my nephew hook the speakers up. He knows that is at the top of the list of things to do when he comes down in a couple weeks.

Again, thanks.


Thank-you for all the work you did.  I know I can count on you guys for all my computer issues!!!

Tom and Afton

Thanks for lunch! It was good to put faces with the names that are so helpful on the telephone. Without today’s luncheon, we may never have known what Amanda looked like; who could have imagined Donnie is so handsome, and now we know, he really is a real person, the guy known as “the other Chris.” THANKS MPA! We enjoyed our day! – 97.7 TOM FM

Melissa Johnson

You all did fabulous on my computer. It is faster and have no issues.  Thanks Again.  Oh, if I have any issues you all are getting my business.


Mary Ann

So far, so good…. thanks so much for

asking. More memory made a huge difference in speed… and so far, I can’t

find any ‘kinks’ – I appreciate your help.



We had a great first time experience with John, Better keep him around. Thanks

Jennifer J.

Computer is doing great! I love that it seems to be working quicker and more smoothly! Thanks for fixing it!

Lindsey Chapa

I can’t emphasize enough how impressed we all were with your knowledge. You

did a great job and we really appreciate your help!!!

Thanks so much for coming back next week!!!

John D. Schroeder

Great solution! Even greater service! Thank you David, you guys are really starting to “GET IT”.


I am thrilled that you were able to transfer my files to jump drives!!! Very important pictures to this Grandma!  :-)    Thanks.

Greg Luce

Thank you for your helpfulness in getting our display monitor up and going. Your help and kindness was greatly appreciated.

Kay Magel

I want to note that David was so patient with me.  I am not  a computer person.  He waited for me to write steps down and then let me try procedures on my own. (scanning) and (attaching).

Thank you!  Thank you!

 When we move over to Middletown in Des Moines county, I guess I’ll have to take one of you with me

PS…I love the wireless mouse!


It seems to be working fine. Thank you very much!


It works!!!!! Thanks so much.


Thanks for your help. We are very happy with how the computer is working now.


So far, so good. At the risk of sounding corny myself, let me say that

you’ve made a friend in me. I was very impressed with your knowledge,

willingness to help, and quick service. I have your phone number taped to

my monitor and you have been entered into my contacts list. After the

difficulties I experienced with [Another Technology Company], I am overjoyed to find someone

like you-all, who are willing and able to help me with, what I find, a very

confusing tool. Don’t be concerned about old slogans. If I weren’t

happy, you would be “dumped in the trash”. Just, please, remember me when

you do decide to hold classes.


It was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had at a computer store the people did not talk down to me or try to sale me something I did not need. I will come back to MPA Computers the next time i need something.


All three of our computers are working great. Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.


You are my only computer resource that I will use.  a little secret;  I used to be an assistant manager at Best Buy  who cares about the geek squad     when we here in Bloomfield have the Meak Squad with the know how and the Best Manners around.      I applaud your awesome Customer Service skills.    You are the IDEAL  of Great Customer Service.   Unlike the ___ Acer Computer company, who would not even give me the time of Day.

  Totally satisfied Customer

PS   Thanks Tim for the second time.


I checked with Tony and he was very impressed with how it turned out, I’m sure the client will be happy as well!

Thanks for doing an awesome job,

Traffic and Billing Manager

Nancy Lanman

Thank you David and Chris for the help, input, and the purchase of the refurbished laptop computer that I got for my daughter and sons, they are really enjoying it! Your patience, kindness, and expertise are greatly appreciated. I have also noticed your involvement in the community and thank you for that as well. Also, your receptionist was very friendly and nice too. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to come!! I am sure that I will be talking to you again.


Dee Dee

Thanks so much, Dave! You Guys are great, I recommend you to everyone I know. Happy Holidays!


David, everything is working  fine. You guys and gals are the best!

Lucy C.

Thanks, Chris, for the help! Things are working fine once again.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Much faster! Thanks for fast service!

Thanks again


Hey David,

So far I have had no problems. Everything seems to be fine & working good. So as always – – – you did an awesome job!!

Thanks so much!


Hi Dave and team yes so far everything seems to be going ok, thank you for keeping in touch. I will notify you if  I do have a problem or questions thanks again.

Earl W.

Everything is working just fine as far as I know. Jason uses the laptop
more than I do, I asked him about it yesterday, and he said it seemed to be
working fine. Thanks for asking. I will be back if or when necessary, again, thank


Everything is A Okay~You are the best! Thanks so much.

Daryl Kendrick

Everything was real good I would like to thank you for the good service and reasonable charge.


Everything is working fine….we appreciate the help you are to us. We are glad to have your service so near by here in Blfd.


Wow! Thank you for making this so easy for me, David. I just ordered it. It should be here in 3-5 days.


I haven’t had the chance to check out the laptop yet, will later this evening, but am confident it will be fine. I really must tell you though, all of your staff is remarkable. The customer service you all offer far exceeds my expectations, it is the best bar none that I have ever received ! The care, the communication, the follow ups, the integrity, this is just unheard of in today’s world. So please express to everyone on your staff, I am so very pleased with you all, I shall spread your name everywhere !!! You guys are the best… will let you know about the laptop soon. Many, many thanks again from one real happy customer.

Mary Lou Myers

Tim did a good job. So far, I’ve had no problems. I would recommend you to my friends. If I need any assistance in the future I will call on you. thank you.


My computer has been working fine. It is faster now . Thanks to all the work Chris did for me and will keep in touch.


Thanks. I appreciate your professionalism. And, as I mentioned before, Chris was absolutely great. Your company is a great addition to our community. Thank you for everything.


Everything is working fine. Great job. Thanks.

Kim B.

Completely satisfied! Quick service, great communication, hope this company stays around a LONG TIME! What an asset to this community. So glad to have the info off a computer that has been sitting around here for years and it took less than a week.


The banner is fabulous!. Thank you so much. I think it is going to work great… we really appreciate you getting this done so quickly for us. Thank you for helping me with all this. It is really a bit outside my comfort zone so I appreciate all your help! Thanks again for everything!!


Computers still working great.


Everything is working great. It is faster than it has ever been.


Everything is working fine with our computer! Thank you for being there quickly and kindly for us! We appreciate your service. Buying from you was a wise decision!


After talking with Chris, I now know how to use the buttons on the monitor (I’m sure I had been shown, and had forgotten). The sound volume had been turned down. So now things are working fine. I haven’t tried any programs, so I will let you know if I have a problem with any of them. Thank you very much. Knowing that I had someone nearby to help me was a great comfort.


THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU SOME MORE!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned how
much you guys rock!


It [website promotional slide] looks freakin’ awesome! We LOVE it! Good luck on winning! Thanks so much.

Carol Taylor

Thank you!: Just a note to say that our computers are working SO much faster. Thank
you! It’s amazing how we take for granted things when they are working
correct. Now, everything is back to the way they used to be.
What ever you did, corrected our problems.
Thanks again.

Brenda Comer

Everything seems to be working fine on my computer – no more of those warning messages. Thanks.

Dale & Eileen

The young man [Tim T.] was very polite as well as knowledgeable. Apparently my ink cartridge had a little obstruction. He very calmly wiped it off, placed it in the printer, and wala…it worked. The frustration just that little ‘fuzz’ caused…
Thanks for your prompt house call. We are printing again. It is amazing how much we depend on that convenience…Thanks, thanks thanks…


Things are working just fine! Thanks for asking! Have a great day!


Things are working GREAT! Thank You! Rest assured that if I have a problrm you will be the first to know. I’m quite satisfied with your work, & I plan to recommend MPA to anyone who has computer problems. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising:-)

Kay Melvin

To David & All The Staff @ MPA Computers. David, I just want to Thank You So Very Much for working so late tonight to get my computer running. You just don’t know how much I really appreciate it & all the hard work you put into it. It is just wonderful to have it back the same way. Just can’t Thank You enough for taking such good care of my computer & helping me out with it. You & your Staff are all just Super People & I will recommend you to all my friends & anyone I hear that needs their computer worked on. So Thanks again for all the Wonderful care & helping me with it.


My newest Gateway is working great .. will take a little to get everything figured out with the new Windows 7, but I’m more than satisfied! You guys kept in touch from the start, got me back on line quickly and Chris was really helpful working with me and the old Gateway too. Could not have received better service! By the way, if you are on Facebook .. I would be more than happy to “like” your site .. just let me know your contact name … MPA something? Thanks so much .. I will recommend your business to my friends!


Wanted to thank you for your advice today. When I got home from selling I looked to see what version of Internet Explorer I had & it was 8 – so I ended up downloading Google Chrome as you suggested & I’m up & rolling. YAY! Thanks again & have a great 4th.


It works like a brand new computer!!! Thank you so much…will definitely recommend your services to all my friends.

Sheila Early

Everything is working just fine and that is thanks to your expertise and ability to teach. I really appreciated your patience and the way you managed to simplify everything for me.
Thank you.

Bill D.

Thanks for the prompt service, so far every thing is working great. Thanks again.


Things are working great! Thanks again!! Next time we have problems or any of my girls we will come back to you!


I received my printer and computer back. At home, plugged in and works. Congratulations! on the Good work. Thanks a Bunch, Computer and printer work great together. I will now be able to save money driving to town to “the other guys”. Thanks Again.

Brenda Thomas

Going good & thanks again for the great job!!!

Donna Mathias

Computer is working fine. All quiet. Thanks,


Everything is working great. Thanks a bunch. You’ll be recommended by me.

Peggy Rupe

Thus far, all is going well. If I have any concerns, I will be certain to let you know. Thanks so much for the courteous and prompt assistance you have given.

Rex Games

We were glad to get the new ink cartridge installed and
appreciated Tim doing it for us. We appreciate your good service.

Carol B

I haven’t had a chance to hook up here at home. Maybe this week end.
Like I said, I’m a little ignorant when it comes to computers but love to learn
more. I will let you know in a few days what I think. Thanks so much for your
excellent customer service. You young men are not the norm. I truly appreciate
what you do and the support you give without intimidating. I’ll be in touch.


Tim did a FANTASTIC job locating my problem and fixing it. I really appreciate his expertise and patience in dealing with my computer problem. The fact that he was able to resolve this problem remotely was an awesome experience. Thank you so much and if I ever have another computer problem I know who to go to! :-)


Everything is working great! Thanks so much!


Everything seems to be fine. Laptop is much faster than before!


Thanks for prompt help.

Herman K.

I am very happy with what was accomplished on Monday.


Things are working well! Thanks again soooooooooo much!


Thanks for such a quick turn-around! I am very happy with the work that was done on my laptop!!

Linda Harrington

Hi Fellas,
So far the charger is doing well. I’ll let you know if anything happens in
the future.
Thanks again for taking care of me!


Seems to be running smoothly again, thanks for working on my grandmother
computer for me.


Everything appears to be working fantastic so far, we really appreciate the timely help and service.

Jen Schumaker

Working Great Thanks so much.


Everything working good. Really appreciate the good service, Chris done an excellent job.


Our computer is running much better. Just like it did when it was new. Thanks for the help.


Thanks so much for coming over, David! It looks as if things on our computer have calmed down–no more flashing red screen popping up every few seconds. Glad our doggy didn’t take your leg off–she may even have been glad to have company!
Many thanks again!

Robin and Calvin

Just wanted you to know it is working great and we love it. Thank you again for all your help.

Patty Berryman

It has been great working with you and Cassie. I’ve enjoyed this experience very much. Thank you.

Dee Dee

Thanks Dave, I think its doing it. Appreciate your help. By the way, I
really love my new desktop, it is so fast and really enjoy using it. I will
recommend you to everyone I know.


This is awesome. I am writing this using my iPhone and the FREE keyboard that I received from MPA Computers. MPA Computers rocks! I’m going to tell all of my friends about them. Woot!



Computer is working swell. Thanks for the help. Next time I have problems I’ll come directly to you.


Things are working great! Thanks for much for your help!


My computer is working just fine now. Thank you for the quick service.


Couldn’t of asked for better service! The repair time was amazing-my computer hasn’t ran this great since we first bought it. One truly happy customer.


Thank you very much for all your help on Dad’s computer. He feels very comfortable with you and your knowledge of his future computer needs. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kay Proctor

The computer is working very well. I am sorry I did not get you emailed back earlier. I want you to know that we are very pleased with your service. We couldn’t believe that you got it taken care of so quickly and professionally. Max is a Davis County Supervisor, and most of the supervisors correspondence and business is conducted on their home computers. This was a very big help to him for you to get it fixed so quickly. We are very happy and pleased with your service and the timeliness of your service. We will definitely recommend you to others. Once again thank you so much. We greatly appreciate it.


Hi David,
Just wanted to let you know the computer is working fine, now can you fix me? LOL I do sincerely appreciate your follow-up, doing little things like this will set you apart. I know this because it has always been our philosophy to exceed our customer’s expectations and you are doing exactly that. Thanks again.


David, just want you to know that I am very happy & satified with the Wonderful Work you do for me. Sure glad I found out about you & everyone that I know that has a computer, I tell them about you & what a excellent job you do. So now you are stuck with this old woman that doesn,t know much at all about computers. But my mind is at ease now, when I have trouble I know who to call. So now you know what you have to put up with. Ha. Thanks again for the Awesome Service. Everything is working perfect.

Malynda Payne

The Playstation is still working good, my son is happy to have it back. Thank you for the work you have done for us.


As far as I’ve been with it – it is working fine. Don’t know of a thing you could do better! Thanks

Anna Jones

working great. Thank You


Wonderful Thanks again so much.

Anna Jones

Working great. Thank You

Mary Belle Davis

The new monitor is working well, so it seems the problem is solved.
Thanks so much!

Mary Lister

Have a class Wed until 5:15 so will
try to pick it up after that. Thank you for all the info.
It is great to be kept up to date on what is happening.
Thank you.

Emma K.

Great service, thanks David. I look forward to hooking up my computer to my printer. Will stop in to pay statement and set up an appointment. Really appreciate the help with computer set up.

Coleen Burgher

Very pleased…all is well. Appreciate the follow up. Thanks again for such a good job.

Coleen Burgher

just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying my computer…working like a new one. Thank you so much for the great fix.



Thanks so much for the quick response to my computer security issues.  I appreciate the great service.


Linda Humphrey

I will let you know that I am totally satisfied with the work that you did on my computer. I have not used the DVD drive yet, but plan to soon, and what I have used so far, works just fine. I couldn’t have asked for more prompt and reasonably priced repair service. Thanks so much.

Betty Pottorff

The printer works great! Thanks for taking the old printer to where old printers go when they die. But, first and foremost, thanks for the courteous and helpful service. When I called and was having trouble with the printer carriage, Chris said to bring it in and he just snapped it in place.. Thanks again!

Mike Birchmier

The computers are working great, thanks so much. We will spread word of great service. Take care

Gary & Sharon Feldman

We called Mediacom, and they reset something and we are fine now, thanks so much for following up… Appreciate your service and will recommend you to our friends, you do good work for a reasonable fee.

Ron Pottorff

David, as always, thanks for your prompt and courteous service. I’ll stop by to get the printer on Monday.

Debbie R.

You are awesome!! thank you so much, will be up there today!!


My computer is working wonderfully!!! As a side note of interest Secure IT is going to reimburse me $100.00 because of their poor service AND CMTel is giving me $89.00 credit for my March bill. I recently sent a detailed letter of complaint to CMTel with dates and other info and enc them to consider doing one of their procedures differently with new internet clients. I also put in a plug for them to consider using you since you are a local business (and to drop Secure IT if possible) since that is where I received my best results!


The computer seems to be running better. It is starting up and running faster and shuts down quickly. Thanks for the quality service.

Becca S.

You guys did a wonderful job. The computer is running great and I think you guys went way above what was expected.

Bethany K.

My laptop is working great and thank you so so much for getting my battery in!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!!! You guys are the best…

Deanna Dunn

Thanks again for all your help and I am paying it forward for your business.

Don & Linda

As usual you did a great job. Everything seems to be working just fine. The emails are coming in on both computers. We really appreciate your help. You are always there when we need you and you fix what needs fixed. You are a great guy to work with and explain the problem so that we can understand. Your prices are fair and you work around our schedule. Thanks again.

Diana S.

Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my new computer. I haven’t had a reason to try the adaptor cord for the printer yet.

Chad Blake Greenland

I was telling Tom Palen about this… The new TOM FM website is SUPER, man. I’ve seen stations in top 100 markets that don’t come close to that! Nicely done!