At age fifteen, David Birchmier and his father built David’s first computer together in the basement. This father-son time not only helped David bond with his dad, but also sparked a fire in him to learn more about computers. Fast forward a year or two, David was helping all his neighbors and friends with their own technology issues. Even at such a young age, David recognized that one must understand the person and their unique challenge before a real solution can be offered. From those beginnings, MPA was born.

In 2003 David started repairing computers as a business in that basement of his parents’ rural home. Since that time, MPA has grown into the largest and most extensive technology solution center in southern Iowa, comprised of ten team members and over 2,500 active clients.

Focusing on several key business areas (IT solutions, computer sales & repair, app development, website development, and marketing), MPA is fueled by an underlying passion to achieve three overall goals: Always provide responsive service, foster partnerships with other businesses to create software solutions that transcend devices, and to distribute that software in a national market.


We are a Creative Technology Company that respects the passion equally as the expertise that backs it. We offer a lot of services but our mission is simple: Fuse Creative, Technology, & Passion to Grow Your Business.

Our home is on the square in a small town, but our products, service, & vision are anything but small. We believe in recruiting the best talent. We figure ingredients like a great community life, kick-ass work atmosphere, and the opportunity to work with other amazing people adds up to a pretty good combination.

And, we don’t limit ourselves to working locally, we work with clients & products all over the world, too.

We’re geeky and love technology, but we’re happiest when we can use technology to make your business more efficient, run more smoothly, sell more, and ultimately Grow Your Business.


Magical experiences (that create believers).
We strive to create magical experiences every day. We inspire awe and confidence by fixing the seemingly unsolvable problems and providing comfortable and encouraging experiences for our customers.

Dream Big.
We embrace dreaming. We are not afraid of making mistakes. We reject the status quo. We take passionate action and know that we can accomplish ANYTHING!

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and look at the problem from their perspective. What may seem insignificant to us, is likely to be a catastrophic impediment for our clients.

Communication is the vehicle to ensure our values are broadcast into the world. We communicate proactively, responsively, and often.

To err is to grow, as long as you are able to admit, accept and be courageous enough to learn. We openly accept accountability for our actions and how they impact those around us. Accountability is embraced at every level at MPA, from the CEO to the receptionist.

Our IT services are not just about information technology but also information transference from us to our clients. We embrace sharing our knowledge and admitting our mistakes.

Details Matter.
Even the best laid plans and intentions can have disastrously negative impacts on us and our clients, when the details are overlooked. We strive to


MPA is about cultivating new ideas, establishing a forum where creative and technical people can collaborate to watch the seeds of great thinking grow into innovative solutions for an ever-evolving client base. Our passion is to provide seamless, transparent customer experience through building a team of highly-qualified professionals who care about their work and take pride in a solid end result. Dream. Build. Deploy.


While MPA headquarters is located in the vibrant rural Iowa town of Bloomfield, our sense of community is truly global. With Managed IT clients that span to the corners of our region, to our applications which are used by companies all over the United States as well as Germany, Malaysia, and Great Britain (just to name a few); we understand the importance of the global economy in the future of our world, ultimately our community. It is our goal to make the most positive impact we can as our products and services reach around the world.


David Birchmier

At age 15, David Birchmier and his father built David’s first computer in the basement. Fast-forward 2 years, MPA is born as a solution to helping friends and neighbors with their technology. What started as simply “fixing computers” quickly grew to become the largest Creative Technology company in southeast Iowa by 2011, now offering Managed IT Services and Application Development. David believes in Dreaming Big and, under his guidance, MPA has rolled out a comprehensive Managed IT program and launched numerous commercial products, seeing great success nationally and internationally.

Nathan Berry
IT Manager

The tallest among our crew, Nathan B. keeps us on our toes. (Sorry, guys.) He received his A.A.S in Computer Networks and Security from Indian Hills College. Nathan’s innate ability to solve problems and desire to help others make him a natural fit here at MPA, even if he is too tall for the back storage room.

Melissa Devereaux
Office Manager

Office Manager Melissa Devereaux has more than a decade experience in corporate banking with Wells Fargo and Bank of the West. “The importance of customer service was driven very hard by both companies.” She is goal oriented and dedicated to performing each task correctly and accurately. Also very laid back (perhaps stemming from the fact that she has three young sons), Melissa also enjoys spending time on the golf course, reading, or building her new business Nailed It.

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene

Cody Jones
IT Technician

Having spent 10 years in Oklahoma Cody is happy to be back working near his childhood home of Unionville, Missouri.  While in Oklahoma Cody worked with a well known and highly regarded IT firm.  An avid learner, he received his MCSA certification for Server 2012R2 during his time in Oklahoma and is currently studying for the MCSE for Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, hoping for completion within the year.  Cody also enjoys fishing at the lake and shooting pool with friends; or just hanging out at home, reading or gaming on the PC.