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When Minutes Matter: A case study on migrating hospital data to the Office 365 cloud

December 9, 2015

It almost goes without saying that at MPA we take technology and customer service very seriously. Now, our friends at Davis County Hospital place great importance on those things as well, but their first concern? Patient care. In working together, our task was to migrate an on-premise implementation of Microsoft Exchange 2010 over to “the cloud” in Office 365. With a total of 194 users and the need to deliver critical medical services to patients 24/7, it was vitally important that the migration be seamless with little to no downtime.

IT Director Lynn Simms works with MPA’s Nathan Berry.

The hospital had two Exchange servers: the first dedicated to the database and the second to the Exchange apps. The MPA team was led by technician Nathan Berry, who worked diligently to migrate all of the data from the on-premise Exchange server into the Office 365 cloud, seamlessly cutting over services from the on-premise Exchange implementation to the Office 365 cloud.



In addition, the older version of Office 2007 that the hospital had previously run was upgraded to the latest version of Office 2016, which is included in Office 365.

With everything we do at MPA, customer experience is at the forefront. In this particular case, however, lives and patients’ health literally could be affected if we did not accomplish our goal of a seamless transition and minimal downtime. Lynn Simms, IT Director at Davis County Hospital tells more.

It was extremely important that the transition be seamless. Since we are a 365, 7 days a week, 24 hour a day facility, there’s really no ‘convenient’ downtime. Most on-site migrations are painful, take hours, and are very disruptive to the flow of serving our patients, but MPA made the process extremely easy and convenient. We’re really taking it to the next level now.

Helping people and businesses through technology is our passion. With this project we were able to truly realize this passion in a life-changing way.

Diana Hill

Project Manager / Media Specialist - Diana is our Media Specialist by day, then a performer and music teacher by night. She brings to MPA a deep passion for creativity, and a near-insanity level of organization. Diana attended Indian Hills College and Truman State University, the latter from which she holds a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Vocal Performance. She loves her family & friends, digs historic preservation, and just appreciates life in general. Being bored is never a problem, and she hasn't quite figured out how to do something “half-way.”

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