IT For Electric Cooperatives

We specialize in providing IT Services for electric utility cooperatives in Iowa and Missouri.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

You don’t have a full time IT person on-staff and are struggling to keep up with advancements in the industry.
Your IT staff is overwhelmed with all of the changes and needs support.
Your current outsourced IT company isn’t cutting it…and acts more like a contractor than a partner.


Experience with many
CIS, GIS, OMS, and
AMI / AMR systems.
(Such as: Aclara TWACS, Daffron, SEDC, Milsoft, Manifold)

Security is our focus, ensuring you comply
with changing industry standards.

Support on-premise email systems such as Exchange as well as cloud based solutions such as Office 365 or Google Apps.

Software development capabilities including integration solutions.

Understanding of workflow and how different departments in your organization interact.

What MPA Can Offer:

We can provide full-service IT Support at a fixed rate – that’s typically HALF the cost of one full time IT person.
And instead of one person, you get the resources of our entire team!

Or, if you already have an IT Team, we can work in coordination with your existing IT department
to help you with projects and to enhance your security.