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Tymeshift (Agent Management solution for Zendesk)

CCW Guardian (Handgun training & log app for iOS, Android, & Web)

Annual Meeting App (Member check-in app for annual meetings – for electric cooperatives & more)

Electric Co-op OCR Inventory Management App (Inventory Management & Reporting Tool)

Cemetery Management App (Easy-to-use website for cemeteries featuring mapping, location, & plot information tools)

Zendesk Google Apps Integration (Create & link Emails, Docs, Spreadsheets & more to Zendesk tickets)

Zendesk Recurring Tickets App (Create recurring tickets in Zendesk)

The Iowa Wind and Solar (IAWS) team claims to eat, sleep, and breathe solar. It is this fanaticism that drew us to working with them in the first place, as well as what maintains their standing as leaders in the renewable energy industry.

IAWS first approached MPA about developing a multi-step lead capture form that integrates directly with the client’s CRM, Base. In short, a lead’s information is captured during each step of the form, which helps IAWS to automatically score the qualifications of a candidate based on how much of the form they completed within their CRM, Base CRM. Custom fields within Base CRM are automatically updated based on the lead’s responses in the lead capture form.

Additionally, IAWS was so happy with their lead capture form (after it captured nearly 2,000 inbound leads) they asked MPA to develop an app to automate and expedite the generation of assessments for customers. This app takes into account a number of solar variables in order to size a system that will best fit a customer’s needs. Once a system designer completes the technical requirements, a proposal is automatically created in Google Docs, which – because it is in Google Docs – the IAWS team can easily update. Sales representatives, deemed by IAWS as Renewable Energy Consultants, can quickly and directly input technical information related to a customer’s site from the road using their iPad or mobile device.

Every great app starts with a problem to be solved. For our team at MPA, that problem was tracking employee time & activity within our customer support software, Zendesk. After spending countless hours testing and researching other solutions that were available, we realized none of them fit.

Not seeking to reinvent the wheel, our team set out to build the most native, Zendesk-y, agent management experience out there. The new app increased efficiency for MPA and also reduced the need for employee training.

MPA continues to work with Zendesk, now offering the solution in the Zendesk app store. Since its January 2013 launch in the Zendesk app store, Tymeshift has been implemented by thousands of users worldwide and is currently experiencing triple digit growth as customer support teams around the world (such as Nintendo & Lazada) implement Tymeshift.