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What about my glasses?

January 11, 2013

This week’s question: Mary asks “I’ve been wondering about your glasses.  Are they ‘readers’ or do you actually go to a kitty optometrist?  Love the look!  Are they designers?”

Moire’s answer: Very good question, Mary!  The compliment is also greatly appreciated.   Flattery will get you everywhere! The glasses pictured (at left) were a prop just for the “Ask Moire” photo shoot.  They were supplied by the famed kitty couture accessory designer, Muffy Fluff Chanel.  (Trust me, I tried to sneak them out after the shoot!)

Since you’ve brought attention to the picture from my photo shoot I also must send a ‘shout out’ to my stylist, Brad G.  The bow tie is his signature touch and I do think it most fitting.  Nothing says ‘smart’ like an orange bow tie.  Perhaps you should get one for yourself, Mary.  It might be a stunning addition to your wardrobe.

Again, thank you for the question.  And, until next time, share the love, match your socks, and love the kitty!

Moire The Cat

I am a cat. A cat that has done more, seen more, and been more than most men will ever know. My pedigree is defined by modest lineage but I have risen to be one of the finest. One of the most humble, modest, handsome, intelligent, regal, charming, and cunning felines you may ever meet. I often have 'run-ins' with the MPA tight-wad, fun-hater COO, Justin over such things as spa visits and luxury grooming. Having a cat with the skills I possess is not in-expensive. I don't come with a manual and there is no 'figuring me out'. I write a weekly column called "ASK MOIRE" where my faithful readership gets advice and suggestions for a healthy, more balanced life by sending questions to this email address: MOIRE@ASKMPA.COM

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