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Do I like my new home?

February 1, 2013

This week’s question: Bonnie asks:  Is Moire adjusting well to his new home?  I bet he loves all those windows.

Moire’s answer: Bonnie, thanks for posting this question on our facebook page.  Facebook is the cat’s meow!  I am adjusting just purrrrfectly to my new surroundings.  I not only enjoy sitting in the window sills but also at the top of the stairway.  From there I can survey my property and make sure all of these humans are working efficiently!

I also have a clean and fresh space for my litter pan and my food bowl in the storage closet.  The lighting is warm and much more appropriate for a wistful dining experience.

The only thing I’m still getting used to is this slick floor.  My goodness hardwood can be tricky to scamper across!  Forget the ‘wind up’ I can barely get enough traction to take a few steps.  I just remember how my Grandkitty, Dolly Mae Levi, taught me how to get across the linoleum kitchen floor when I was a wee kitten.  She would say “1..2..3! 1…2…3!  Think of it as a dance.  A waltz.  1..2..3… glide and you’ll be home free!”  She was so right.  A few steady steps and any surface is simple for kitty paws.  I’ll keep working, grandkitty, I will!

Until next time my friends, stop by the new MPA building and visit the team.  You, too, will see how shiny, and tricky, these floors can be.  Just remember… 1..2..3..1..2..3!

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I am a cat. A cat that has done more, seen more, and been more than most men will ever know. My pedigree is defined by modest lineage but I have risen to be one of the finest. One of the most humble, modest, handsome, intelligent, regal, charming, and cunning felines you may ever meet. I often have 'run-ins' with the MPA tight-wad, fun-hater COO, Justin over such things as spa visits and luxury grooming. Having a cat with the skills I possess is not in-expensive. I don't come with a manual and there is no 'figuring me out'. I write a weekly column called "ASK MOIRE" where my faithful readership gets advice and suggestions for a healthy, more balanced life by sending questions to this email address: MOIRE@ASKMPA.COM

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