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Update on our new location.

January 4, 2013

This week’s question: Tiffany asks, “Moire, I’m looking for a update on MPA’s new store in Bloomfield?  When will you be moving?”

Moire’s answer: Ah yes, Tiffany.  That is a fair question.   We all know how construction projects can drag on… and on… and on, but the wait is almost over!  MPA will be moving soon and I will be writing my emails in our new location at 202 S. Madison on the beautiful historic Bloomfield square in a few short weeks.  I’ve ventured over to see the progress and it is fantastic.  The contractors have asked for my guidance on several occasions and I am always pleased to oblige.  It is of the utmost importance that the new space meets certain National Kitty Awareness Association guidelines.

These guidelines are very strict, including:
1.  Stair steps no more than 8 inches in rise.
2.  Soft lighting to soothe the kitty soul.
3.  15 sq foot minimum clearance space for litter pan.
4.  Paw friendly flooring solutions including, but not limited to, carpet, area rugs, “soft” hardwoods.
5.  Sign prohibiting ‘unattended’ canines on premises.

The list goes on and on but I am thrilled to report that MPA is making the new location up to KITTY CODE in every way.  You will be able to see it, too, in a few short weeks.  Until then, my faithful readers…  keep the peace, keep the love, and pet your kitty.

Moire The Cat

I am a cat. A cat that has done more, seen more, and been more than most men will ever know. My pedigree is defined by modest lineage but I have risen to be one of the finest. One of the most humble, modest, handsome, intelligent, regal, charming, and cunning felines you may ever meet. I often have 'run-ins' with the MPA tight-wad, fun-hater COO, Justin over such things as spa visits and luxury grooming. Having a cat with the skills I possess is not in-expensive. I don't come with a manual and there is no 'figuring me out'. I write a weekly column called "ASK MOIRE" where my faithful readership gets advice and suggestions for a healthy, more balanced life by sending questions to this email address: MOIRE@ASKMPA.COM

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