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Do I go outside MPA?

January 18, 2013

This week’s question: Martin asks “Do you ever make public appearances outside the MPA store?”

Moire’s answer: Hello Martin!  Thank you for the question.  If you are asking “Do I roam the streets like a typical tom cat?” The answer is NO.  I have no time for such foolishness!  However, if you are asking “Do you have an agent, and do you do paid public appearances including, but not limited to; product launches, club openings, endorsements?”  The answer is YES!

My agent tells me I’m one of the smartest, most handsome, and most composed felines he has ever represented.  (He is certainly earning his 20%!)  So yes, Martin, if you need a celebrity to appear at your event please don’t call those Kardashians!  Instead, call MPA and they will get you in touch with ‘my people’.  

Until then, remember PROPER KITTY MAINTENANCE RULE NO. 243: The similarity in size of the average bed pillow and sleeping cat is no accident.  Humans shouldn’t expect to place head on pillow if cat is present.

Moire The Cat

I am a cat. A cat that has done more, seen more, and been more than most men will ever know. My pedigree is defined by modest lineage but I have risen to be one of the finest. One of the most humble, modest, handsome, intelligent, regal, charming, and cunning felines you may ever meet. I often have 'run-ins' with the MPA tight-wad, fun-hater COO, Justin over such things as spa visits and luxury grooming. Having a cat with the skills I possess is not in-expensive. I don't come with a manual and there is no 'figuring me out'. I write a weekly column called "ASK MOIRE" where my faithful readership gets advice and suggestions for a healthy, more balanced life by sending questions to this email address: MOIRE@ASKMPA.COM

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