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Special Valentine!

February 8, 2013

This week’s question: Patsy asks, “Moire, do you have a special Valentine?”

Moire’s answer: Patsy, thanks for your question.  I dare say that I am a gentleman who rarely kisses and tells.  I do enjoy the gentler sex, however I must tell you I’ve been keeping a low profile lately.  My popularity has been sky rocketing in the last year and frankly, I have to fight off those desperate female felines.  It isn’t easy being such a handsome, robust, and intelligent specimen.  Add ‘celebrity’ to that and you’ve got trouble!

The important thing I try to remember is that out there, somewhere, is the perfect compliment to my greatness.  Alas, I haven’t been able to find her yet.  And even when I have thought that cupid has improved the aim of his blissful arrow, my heart has been broken and I have been left alone again.

If you, Patsy, are lucky enough to have that special someone in your life.  Hold on to them, love them with all your strength, and never let them go for love is, indeed, a many splendored thing….

Moire The Cat

I am a cat. A cat that has done more, seen more, and been more than most men will ever know. My pedigree is defined by modest lineage but I have risen to be one of the finest. One of the most humble, modest, handsome, intelligent, regal, charming, and cunning felines you may ever meet. I often have 'run-ins' with the MPA tight-wad, fun-hater COO, Justin over such things as spa visits and luxury grooming. Having a cat with the skills I possess is not in-expensive. I don't come with a manual and there is no 'figuring me out'. I write a weekly column called "ASK MOIRE" where my faithful readership gets advice and suggestions for a healthy, more balanced life by sending questions to this email address: MOIRE@ASKMPA.COM

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