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Case Study: Transitioning a Multi-site Community Organization to Google Apps

With multiple locations spread throughout several counties across southern Iowa, collaboration between staff members can be difficult for Sieda Community Action. In order to solve that challenge MPA proposed the entire organization move from an onsite server e-mail solution to a cloud based solution. Google Apps is MPA’s preferred cloud based solution, as it can be utilized anywhere at anytime as well as open the door to real-time collaboration between staff members located throughout southern Iowa. With easy-to-learn email and calendar functions, it was a […]

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When Minutes Matter: A case study on migrating hospital data to the Office 365 cloud

It almost goes without saying that at MPA we take technology and customer service very seriously. Now, our friends at Davis County Hospital place great importance on those things as well, but their first concern? Patient care. In working together, our task was to migrate an on-premise implementation of Microsoft Exchange 2010 over to “the cloud” in Office 365. With a total of 194 users and the need to deliver critical medical services to patients 24/7, it was vitally important that the migration be seamless with little […]

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Virtualization using VMWare for Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative was seeking to consolidate multiple aging physical servers into a virtual environment. SIEC’s on-staff IT personnel looked to MPA enlisted our team to assist with the migration and assure from physical to virtual went smoothly. We integrated our team with SIEC‘s internal IT team and worked diligently to develop and execute a plan. Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative asked MPA to execute the following: Upgrade existing domain controller from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SBS to Microsoft Windows Server […]

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