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iPad min: Worth it?

February 15, 2013

This week’s question: Tara asks “Moire, do you think the new iPad mini is all it is cracked up to be?”

Moire’s answer: Another great question from one of my readers!  Tara, thank you for emailing me.  I do love the iPad mini.  This might surprise many of you that remember my rants about the Apple Store and how non-kitty friendly it was.  I admit, I was skeptical of the need for another Apple product, but I was fully convinced when I saw one in action.

Our very own Amanda S. uses one on her sales visits and it is very handy.  She has pointed out how quickly it responds (which is important when we are WOWing customers) and how easy it is to handle.

We have several full size iPads here at the office but Amanda finds the size of the mini just purrrrrfect to take out and about.  It fits purrrrrfect in my paws as well!  I’ve been using it during the evenings to catch up on my HULU viewing.  I still can’t believe 30 Rock ended and they didn’t leave a cat in charge….

Anyhow, until next time my flawed furless friends, remember to love the kitty, pet the kitty, and tell the kitty all of your deepest, darkest secrets.  We will never tell…

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