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What about my glasses?

January 11, 2013

This week’s question: Mary asks “I’ve been wondering about your glasses.  Are they ‘readers’ or do you actually go to a kitty optometrist?  Love the look!  Are they designers?” Moire’s answer: Very good question, Mary!  The compliment is also greatly appreciated.   Flattery will get you everywhere! The glasses pictured (at left) were a prop just for the “Ask Moire” photo shoot.  They were supplied by the famed kitty couture accessory designer, Muffy Fluff Chanel.  (Trust me, I tried to sneak them […]

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Update on our new location.

January 4, 2013

This week’s question: Tiffany asks, “Moire, I’m looking for a update on MPA’s new store in Bloomfield?  When will you be moving?” Moire’s answer: Ah yes, Tiffany.  That is a fair question.   We all know how construction projects can drag on… and on… and on, but the wait is almost over!  MPA will be moving soon and I will be writing my emails in our new location at 202 S. Madison on the beautiful historic Bloomfield square in a few short […]

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Virtualization using VMWare for Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative

November 3, 2012

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative was seeking to consolidate multiple aging physical servers into a virtual environment. SIEC’s on-staff IT personnel looked to MPA enlisted our team to assist with the migration and assure from physical to virtual went smoothly. We integrated our team with SIEC‘s internal IT team and worked diligently to develop and execute a plan. Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative asked MPA to execute the following: Upgrade existing domain controller from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SBS to Microsoft Windows Server […]

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