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When the Giving Gets Tough…

December 5, 2014

What’s up with everyone giving gift certificates for Christmas these days? My nana cat says that “folks” have too many things. She often reminds me that when she was a kitten it was a fantastic treat to get a new collar or a new bowl from Santa Claus. Now, if someone wants something, they seem to go out and buy it for themselves! That means that there is nothing on their list for Christmas and we are left to get them a piece of plastic or paper good for an item of their choice. Is that what Christmas has turned into?!

It makes my nana cat very sad and I understand why. When we have everything we want – what is a treat? What joy is there in giving a gift card or gift certificate? It’s not fun to wrap with pretty paper! That’s for sure. Sadness.

In the meantime – to make me, your beloved Moire, feel better – please stop by MPA and pick up a gift certificate for someone you love.

Fondest Regards,






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