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When Duty Calls & a Dictator Answers

July 25, 2014

Whether you’re a “gamer” or not, you have no doubt heard of the “Call of Duty” gaming franchise. These are those games that have more release hype and anticipation than even the biggest summer blockbuster. What you may not know, however, is that recently a former Panamanian dictator sued the company that makes this game for using his likeness and “defiling” his character. Now, this dictator has retired so I understand that living on a fixed income can be difficult. The thought of all those millions of dollars that this company made on a game that happens to have you in it might seem like an easy payday, but let’s be real – YOU WERE A DICTATOR.

A dictator, by definition, is someone who rules with absolute power and has assumed such power through force. The synonyms include TYRANT and OPPRESSOR. Is it really possible that putting you, as a factual historic figure, in a video game will harm your reputation? I would think that, in fact, it might help it. Perhaps you’ll look more trendy and hip. Indeed, Mr. Dictator, let’s get real. You stink.

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