TymeShift: It’s So Fancy.

September 5, 2014

The History.

TymeShift is an application we wanted to create because there was nothing out there that would do what we wanted it to do! What we were looking for was this:

  • A 1-page time-tracking system (No flipping windows for different ticket)
  • Down-to-the-minute reporting to assess where time is spent
  • More granular reporting (again, to know where every last moment was spent)
  • The ability to track time case-by-case in order to bill properly (No estimating)
  • A simple way of managing payroll and internal tasks

TymeShift is now able to do all of this! Now, if we’re being honest, it used to be a bit clunky – but now it’s not! Read on…

The Re-launch.

This is something our CEO David is sooo revved up about. He has wanted to update pieces of the app since the old, original version came out. Ha! (And we had, bit by bit). But this re-launch was different. See, we want our users to have access to a great system and have an even better ability to help their customers. This one little app is helping thousands of customers. Not only people who use TymeShift, but those who utilize the company using TymeShift. We want to continue to help these people save time, make more money, and experience smoother workflow.

The Re-Launch has many new features too, the main aspect being that its smoother and faster, thus fewer issues! Other neat features to note are:

  • COLORS – YES! You can change the colors to fit each user’s personality or even your company’s brand! We really do know this makes a difference (Plus its fun!)
  • Speed: Faster data = Smoother process = Happy customers
  • Ability for administrators to clock out other users on a ticket (in case some forgets, has a tech issue, etc.)
  • Some users didn’t like how large the app was…now its smaller! And if it’s still too big to suit, you can disable features you don’t use!
  • Some changes to backend features that relate to how time is tracked and how agents can control it.
  • Graphic updates in the backend! (I like things to look, well, PRETTY – so I like this :D
The Re-development.

Our goal with TymeShift is not just to make ourselves happy, but also to focus on what our users want and need! We sent out email after email and note after note, created discussion boards on forums and  asked on our social pages what THEY wanted. What THEY needed. The fruits of that labor have led to this updated version of TymeShift.

What else is neat?

We’re here for you. We hear you. TymeShift has support that’s on-call and right at your fingertips with chatting.

You can customize it even further. Looking for a feature that’s not naturally a part of the app? If you really want to get down to it, we’ll work with your company to create a feature custom-developed on their account. Yes, there is a charge for this service, but it’s an option. How cool is that?

We truly hope you like the new TymeShift. Please tell us what you think! We’ll listen. :)

TymeShift is launching the new, improved version later this month. But here’s a sneak peek at the widget. How lucky are you to see this?

Donnie Harding

Instructor / Sales Associate - Donnie is an invaluable asset to our team, specializing in too many things to list them all here! He has a vast knowledge regarding all things technology (especially Apple!), loves working with people, and is happy to assist clients in any way he can. He attended Indian Hills College, where he received his Microcomputer Specialist diploma. Donnie loves his friends & family and will soon be welcoming a new addition to his home - a kitten!

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