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Tymeshift announces relaunch

March 23, 2015

The ground-breaking, time tracking tool for Zendesk is now simpler, faster and costs less

BLOOMFIELD, Iowa — Software and application developers at MPA have always been driven to provide solutions for not only their clients, but themselves as well. What started as an answer to their own, internal time-tracking needs quickly grew to become one of the best tools for time tracking on a ticket level (within industry favorite helpdesk solution Zendesk). The app increased efficiency for MPA and also reduced the need for employee training.

According to David Birchmier, CEO at MPA, “What began as a frustration has now transformed into a meaningful product for thousands of users around the world.”

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Watch this video about the newly-enhanced app.

The new changes to Tymeshift include a sleeker, faster app within Zendesk and cost savings. These improvements are possible due to the fact that the application is now offered as a stand-alone tool, no longer requiring a third party platform to function as it had in the past. This self-sufficiency allows for better innovation, deeper integration and overall higher level experience for users and organizations utilizing Tymeshift. The company has also now released a mobile version of the app, giving on-the-go users the freedom to track time during site visits or simply working outside the office.

For more on Tymeshift, call 1-888-672-0070, email or visit to begin a free trial.

CONTACT: David Birchmier



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