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The Art of Inspiration

May 29, 2014

As a creative force here at MPA, Jodie is inspired (and inspiring others!) daily. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Jodie recently and ask her all about the topic.

  1. Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration almost anywhere and I see creativity in everything. I really get inspired by things that are new and different. I’m really interested in Lettering right now. Here’s a blog I read recently and now I’m really inspired to master this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    “I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from the music industry lately.”

  2. Are there certain things you do daily to stay inspired?  I really like checking out Dribbble and Behance. Creative people upload projects they’ve been working on and the variety is what keeps me interested and inspired.
  3. When starting a new project, what’s the first thing you do? Researching, Finding inspiration, and Sketching. The best and worst part is taking what I’ve come up with in my head and making it look just as good on paper or on the computer screen.
  4. Are there any people who inspire you? In art? In life? In, whatever…? I really like checking out Matt Vergotis on Dribbble. He makes it look so easy! I like checking out popchartlab.com. I’ve also been getting a lot of inspiration from the music industry lately. I also like to see what’s going on around the world. 
  5. Any further thoughts on inspiration? Steve Jobs inspires me. Here’s a quote that I go back to in order to remember what I’m really striving to accomplish with everything I do creatively: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Diana Hill

Project Manager / Media Specialist - Diana is our Media Specialist by day, then a performer and music teacher by night. She brings to MPA a deep passion for creativity, and a near-insanity level of organization. Diana attended Indian Hills College and Truman State University, the latter from which she holds a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Vocal Performance. She loves her family & friends, digs historic preservation, and just appreciates life in general. Being bored is never a problem, and she hasn't quite figured out how to do something “half-way.”

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