The 185th Day of 2013

July 4, 2013

Can you believe we’re already halfway through this year? It’s been a truly great first half here, and I know that I’m looking forward to what the second half of 2013 will bring.

Looking back over the past 6 months, I’ve watched our team grow both in size and experience. I’m proud of each one of our team members that offers their dedication to serve our customers & community. We’ve got lots of exciting things planned for the second half of this year that I look forward to sharing with you soon.

As I reflect on our recent past, I must also remember our more distant past that is not often at the forefront of my mind. Tonight, on July 4th, we can expect the sky to be ablaze with fireworks celebrating our nation’s independence. Over two centuries of hard work, blood, sweat and creative brilliance have converged to bring us to the point we are today. A point in which we are fortunate enough to expect a standard of living that generations before us could not even have dreamt.

At MPA, our goal is to offer service, and create products that enrich and improve the quality of life through technology. We’ll continue our work on that goal tomorrow. But, today, we will celebrate the revolution that made our vision of tomorrow possible.

Happy 185th Day of 2013… or July 4th!

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David Birchmier

CEO - At age 15, David & his father built his first computer together. This bonding time also sparked a fire in him to learn more about computers. Fast forward a year or two, David was helping his neighbors & friends with their own tech issues. Even at such a young age, David recognized that one must understand the person & their unique challenge before a real solution can be offered. David holds an AAS & an AA from Indian Hills. He currently resides in Bloomfield and enjoys songwriting and a friendly game of poker.

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