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Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014

Justin: Welcome to MPA’s Tech Table, I’m Justin.

Diana: And I’m Diana.

Justin: And we’re you’re hosts. We’ll be serving up a heaping spoonful of all things tech.

Diana: We promise it’ll be easy to digest.

Justin: Oh, it’s Thursday morning.

Diana: Ew, I don’t know why we’re making these sounds.

Justin: I know, I almost started singing there. It’s like…

Diana: Is there a song for Thursday morning?

Justin: Oh, what a beautiful Thursday.

Diana: [Laughs]

Justin: No, I don’t know. There’s no…

Diana: That’ll work.

Justin: There’s not, I don’t think there’s any song, well, there probably is a song for Thursday somewhere, But

Diana: Probably. Probably.

Justin: But, yes. So, it is Thursday. Well, right. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine on Thursday give the gift of love. Right?

Diana: Oh, we’ll yeah, I suppose it goes through all of them.

Justin: That’s a Thursday reference in a song.

Diana: You’ve got it.

Justin: Yes. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine

Diana: Now we’re gonna be inundated with emails with songs about Thursdays.

Justin: Just stop singing, that’s what they’re gonna say. Get that guy to stop singing.

Diana: Take his microphone away. [Laughs]

Justin: So, well, we’re excited today, because summer begins June 21st.

Diana: Yes, this weekend!

Justin: It always seems like it takes so long for summer to start, and then it’s over before you know it.

Diana: I know.

Justin: Yeah. We need to go to the lake.

Diana: Yes.

Justin: Yes we do.

Diana: Let’s do that.

Justin: Now, we don’t have any kids.

Diana: No.

Justin: But, I see a lot of kids around.

Diana: Mm hm.

Justin: I see a lot of kids in lessons. I still teach lessons. You teach lessons, and music lessons, that is.

Diana: Yes, I feel like we have a lot of kids.

Justin: I know, exactly, and I love that when I see them grow up. It’s good, it’s a fabulous thing. But, you know, they get bored during the summer if you allow them to.

Diana: It’s true.

Justin: So, a lot of times they need something to do you know, keeping them active, keeping them doing something

Diana: Mm hm.

Justin: …you know, not just sitting there like little bums in the living room watching TV.

Diana: Just playing their DS, or whatever.

Justin: And playing their DS. You don’t want your kids to do that, so we’ve got some suggestions, a quick list of things that kids can do. I think that some of these might spark a little creativeness, or some entrepreneurial spirit.

Diana: Yeah, maybe they can even earn a little bit of extra spending money.

Justin: Right, but don’t tell them that, because they’ll pump you for cash.

Diana: [Laughs]

Justin: You know how these kids are. Yeah.

Diana: Yep.

Justin: Exactly. Alright, so, they can walk dogs.

Diana: Oh, here’s a good one.

Justin: Clean the litter boxes.

Diana: Ew, that sounds enticing.

Justin: I wonder if you can have a business cleaning litter boxes? That’d be a trip, a kid that just goes around and just cleans litter boxes. It’s a business! Put Kids Inc. Can I say that on the air? I don’t know, I just did. Anyway, yeah, so cleaning litter boxes, there’s at least a job you can make your kids do, whether they want to or not, I don’t know.

Diana: Another one regarding pets is to make pet treats. You can do those in your home oven.

Justin: That’s true, and there are, yeah, if you allow your kid to use the oven.

Diana: Well, this is true.

Justin: There are websites, too, with recipes for pet treats.

Diana: Mm hm.

Justin: Because, you can do some really nice, healthy pet treats.

Diana: Yes. Yes, and then you can make cat toys, which I think, is just crumpling up some aluminum foil and throwing it around the floor.

Justin: And throwing it around the floor, you’ve make the cat toy.

Diana: A piece of paper, or something.

Justin: Some kid is going to charge you $5 for that aluminum foil, though.

Diana: That’s right. That’s right.

Justin: Alright. Make personalized pet dishes.

Diana: Wow, yes.

Justin: Did you know that we spend over $50 Billion a year on pets?

Diana: [Whistles] I believe it.

Justin: So, this high-end personalized pet products could be your kid’s ticket to the top.

Diana: That’s true. That’s true.

Justin: Yeah.

Diana: Now, getting away from pets, you can make candy bar arrangements.

Justin: What are candy bar arrangements?

Diana: You know, like, this, make little trees out of candy bars, and candy. You’ve seen floral arrangements, edible arrangements, things like that.

Justin: Other than eating all the candy bars before they got into the arrangement, that’s the problem.

Diana: Be careful that you don’t do this in the hot sun.

Justin: That’s right. You can make homemade cards, make lip gloss and other cosmetics.

Diana: Yes, I seen an interesting note, Estee Lauder actually started her business as a teen selling homemade face cream door to door.

Justin: Wow.

Diana: You never know.

Justin: You never know. Well, so, yeah, there’s a ton of things that your kids can do, and you know, hopefully, those are some ideas to get them out there, you know. Do a lemonade stand. Those still work.

Diana: Yeah, book sales, whatever.

Justin: Absolutely. Keep those kids busy this summer. Until next time.

Diana: Take care.

Justin: Tech Table is brought to you by MPA of Bloomfield, Iowa, and God’s Country Radio. You can visit us online at

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Justin: And, thanks for listening.

Jodie Atkinson

Designer & Video Specialist - Jodie is a mom to a very active three-year-old, Abbie, who keeps her hopping. A recent transplant to Southeast Iowa, Jodie and her family are enjoying the relaxed pace of living in a rural community. She joined our team from the hurry and scurry of the Des Moines metro area, where she worked at Gannett/Des Moines Register creating dozens of ads every day. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from UNI in Graphic Design and loves creating design that matters. Jodie’s mantra: “Be great. Create.”

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