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Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014

Justin: Welcome to MPA’s Tech Table. I’m Justin.

Diana: And I’m Diana.

Justin: And we’re your hosts. We’ll be serving up a heaping spoonful of all things tech.

Diana: We promise, it will be easy to digest. Well, it is Friday, and that’s my favorite day.

Justin: It is your favorite day, and you went around the office as you often do, distracting our team from doing their work, asking them their favorite things because you enjoy the faves.

Diana: Yes, I like to share with the world what our favorite things are because sometimes it helps other people out.

Justin: Right, exactly. So, you had said what’s your favorite website or app right now.

Diana: Right now. That was the theme of the questions I asked, what’s your favorite blank right now, so.

Justin: Right, so this is what’s your favorite app or website, yes.

Diana: It changes, yes. So this time I did something a little different. I asked Moray our cat.

Justin: Yes, you asked Moray the cat. Moray has an opinion.

Diana: Yes, he had some interesting answers for us, but this first one, his favorite website or app right now makes sense. He says his favorite app is my pets ED.

Justin: Right, my pet ED, which is how you keep track of all the vital stats on your favorite feline, or canine he supposes you should also include dogs in there. But he says it costs a dollar ninety nine, so it is not a free app, but he does enjoy all the stats that it keeps about the health and everything about your animal.

Diana: Yeah, he bought it for himself, he has an expense account.

Justin: Yeah, he does. Yeah.

Diana: Yeah. Now John, he said his favorite website is by far, Google. I don’t know that a day doesn’t go by that we don’t mention Google.

Justin: Well yeah, we use Google constantly.

Diana: So he loves Google.

Justin: All right. Jodie in design, she likes Pixlr, is that how you say it?

Diana: Pixlar.

Justin: Pixlr Express, which is P-I-X-L-R, Express.

Diana: Yeah, and she, I asked her what she uses that for, and she said I like to use it before I post a picture to Instagram. So she uses the treatments in Pixlr Express first.

Justin: Oh yeah.

Diana: Then goes to Instagram.

Justin: You know that’s what I do. I use a different program first to do different treatments. Sometimes I run it through Facebook and all the treatments you, well first, I edit it with the iPhone editor.

Diana: Yes.

Justin: And then I edit it sometimes with the Facebook editor again.

Diana: Oh my goodness.

Justin: And then I edit it sometimes in my Instagram add on editor and then I put it on Instagram.

Diana: And here I am over here just trying to get the perfect shot so I don’t have to edit.

Justin: Yeah, you don’t have to worry about that, you can just do whatever you want now, it’s so easy to edit photos.

Diana: Yeah.

Justin: So that was Pixlr Express.

Diana: Pixlr Express.

Justin: All right. And then David.

Diana: Yes, he got a little more techie.

Justin: Of course. Base CRN.

Diana: Yeah, that’s base, B-A-S-E, C-R-N.

Justin: That’s right. So it’s an awesome sales tool, with Geo location functionality. That’s what he says.

Diana: I don’t know what that means.

Justin: Not really sure.

Diana: So moving on to Donnie,

Justin: Yes, Donnie.

Diana: Donnie says he’s been using an app called wish, and it’s shopping for random things. And then of course he throws in Snap Chat.

Justin: Yes, he loves his Snap Chat. Right. So yes, Snap Chat of course is you know, you take a quick photo and you share it with everyone in your list. Those photos are called snaps.

Diana: Snaps.

Justin: And it’s basically a way of chatting with only pictures.

Diana: Right. You know, you can do a short video as well.

Justin: Right, exactly.

Diana: Yes, and final fave regarding a favorite website or app right now, is from Chris. And Chris has really been looking at this iPhone app, and it’s also a website he says, it’s for, it’s called Focus At Will.

Justin: Yes. He really likes this, Focus At Will. And he says it really does help him focus during the day, which we have an open workspace.

Diana: Yes.

Justin: Because sometimes it can be distracting that if you know, if there’s another, if there’s someone, you know, talking on the phone or a client or something.

Diana: Someone playing music.

Justin: Right, exactly. So this is called Focus At Will.

Diana: Yes, yeah. So you know, those are some of our faves of websites and apps right now.

Justin: Absolutely. So go on, have some fun this weekend. Until next time.

Diana: Take care.

Justin: Tech Table was brought to you by MPA of Bloomfield Iowa, and God’s Country Radio. You can visit us online at

Diana: If you have questions or comments, please send them to, that’s

Justin: And thanks for listening!

Jodie Atkinson

Designer & Video Specialist - Jodie is a mom to a very active three-year-old, Abbie, who keeps her hopping. A recent transplant to Southeast Iowa, Jodie and her family are enjoying the relaxed pace of living in a rural community. She joined our team from the hurry and scurry of the Des Moines metro area, where she worked at Gannett/Des Moines Register creating dozens of ads every day. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from UNI in Graphic Design and loves creating design that matters. Jodie’s mantra: “Be great. Create.”

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