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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014

Justin: Welcome to MPA’s Tech Table. I’m Justin.

Diana: And I’m Diana.

Justin: And we’re your hosts. We’ll be serving up a heaping spoonful of all things tech.

Diana: We promise: it’ll be easy to digest.

Justin: It’s Theme Thursday. Hallo, Diana.

Diana: Hi. Hi, Justin. How are you?

Justin: I’m all right. We’re going to talk about keeping your cool in warm weather.

Diana: Well, warm weather is upon us.

Justin: It’s heating up out there.

Diana: It’s only going to get hotter here for a while too.

Justin: I was just discussing with my father the other day the difference between 75 and 90. It’s one of the biggest differences in temperature that there is. It’s insane how it really is a huge difference; 75 feels so nice and it’s great.

Diana: Oh, I know.

Justin: and then you go up 15 more degrees to 90 and you just, Not a pleasant time.

Diana: We’ve got some ways to keep your cool during those hot times.

Justin: Absolutely. Absolutely. And this is very true because of the climate we live in: we don’t get used to a temperature before it changes very long in the Midwest. If you live in a climate that’s temperate the whole year then you’re apt to get used to it but your body physically doesn’t adapt to these changes very quickly and very easily.

Diana: Right. So we have to adjust what we do whenever the season changes.

Justin: That’s right. So our first bit of advice is stay out of the sun while it’s at its hottest. That seems like common sense but it’s sun and it’s fun and it’s hard to stay out of the sun to have fun. But it’s true: it’s hard to stay out of it. in the afternoon you want to be out and have a great time but you need to limit your sun exposure between 10 AM and 4 PM each day during the warmer months.

Diana: Yeah. So just try to stay inside during those hours. Or at least in the shade.

Justin: It’s not good to garden, it’s not good for the plants in the middle of the day. And it’s just not good for you so don’t be out in it. It’s unpleasant.

Diana: Next tip: plan ahead. Whatever you’re going to do outdoors have a plan to cut down any unnecessary activity in the heat. For example, say you’re going to take a hike. Study the map at the beginning of the day and look at the best route to make use of the shade during those hours between 10 and 4. If you’re swimming think about when you’re going to be in the water. Even though it’s cool you’re still getting that heat so make sure you’re getting in the shade again, drinking lots of water. Just look and plan ahead.

Justin: Exactly. Also that’s true if you’re traveling, if you’re driving somewhere. Make sure your vehicle has been inspected and has a tune up. We used to drive across Kansas and across some pretty, I love Kansas but out there at one point in Kansas it gets pretty desolate. Even further west you go it gets more desolate and you don’t want to be stuck out there in 105 degrees with a broken down car. So make sure your car has been inspected, air conditioning’s running well, the car’s running well. Absolutely.

Diana: You’ll want to keep in mind dressing simply: lightweight, loose fitting clothes. Keep that hair up, ladies and minimize makeup. It makes you sweat even more.

Justin: I never thought about that. Interesting. I bet it’s unpleasant. Yeah, it’s heavy. It’s not fun. Wear footwear that breathes. Flip flops are great for some activities but you need that arch support. I always say that about flip flops. People buy these little dollar flip flops at some places and I’m like, “Those are not good for your feet.” Sportswear, things like that that are good for your feet.

Diana: And just a couple more things quickly. Stay hydrated.

Justin: That’s right. Drink water. And it’s water. Nothing else: water. Drink water.

Diana: Eat to stay cool so it’s raw veggies, raw fruit.

Justin: That’s exactly right. So those are just some hints for you to stay cool in the heat. Until next time.

Diana: Take care.

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