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Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 28, 2014

Justin: Welcome to MPA’s Tech Table. I’m Justin.

Diana: And I’m Diana.

Justin: And we’re your hosts. We’ll be serving up a heaping spoonful of all things tech.

Diana: We promise it’ll be easy to digest.

Justin: It’s Thursday.

Diana: Hi, Justin.

Justin: Hello.

Diana: You’re like a cheesy announcer today.

Justin: Well, I’m trying to be.

Diana: You should see his face.

Justin: You know, It’s allergy season.

Diana: Yeah.

Justin: Allergy season for me, so.

Diana: You know, my voice sounds a little funny, too. I wonder if I have a little bit of that without even knowing.

Justin: No, you always sound like that.

Diana: Oh, really?

Justin: Just kidding. So, it is that time of year. We’re moving into autumn so all the things are going to seed out there, which is why I have those allergies. Ragweed and such things. Not fun.

Diana: Yes.

Justin: Autumn activities. We always look forward to summertime activities, if you go to your state fair, your county fairs, things like that. So today we wanted to talk about autumn activities.

Diana: Yes. You know, a lot of people look forward to autumn. They love the smells. They love the foods. They love the weather.

Justin: They love the pumpkin. You know, pumpkin everything. Everybody talks about pumpkin everything, and I enjoy pumpkin everything myself.

Diana: Yeah.

Justin: I really do look forward to the pumpkin everything.

Diana: Yes, well, I’m excited for you.

Justin: Absolutely.

Diana: But you know, there are a lot of activities that take place only, or mainly in the fall.

Justin: Absolutely.

Diana: So, we just want to talk about some of those things and, of course, wherever you are, you have specific festivals you can go to and places that I know you really like to go to. So, make sure you’re looking those things up and, you know, you can go to your local convention and visitor’s bureau websites and find those events. But we’re going to talk about some general activities, I think, that nearly all of us have access to.

Justin: Right, absolutely. So, there are orchards. You know, taking the kids, going to an orchard is a lot of fun. People nowadays, you go to an orchard and there are photo ops and all these things that people do at orchards.

Diana: Oh, yes!

Justin: This is what we did when I was a kid. We went to, I don’t even know, it’s a relative, we went to their farm and they had apple trees. And you picked the apples and that was that.

Diana: And then you went home.

Justin: But it was, I mean, I have still a fond recollection of doing that.

Diana: Of course.

Justin: But that’s what you did.

Diana: Well, the aroma.

Justin: I didn’t frolic through the orchard, though, I’ll tell you that.

Diana: Well, you know, they make these orchards like an entire day excursion anymore.

Justin: Well, I know. So tell me about this.

Diana: There are orchards that are open all day. You know, maybe just weekends or three-day weekends. Take your family. Of course, pick the apples, sometimes over 120 apple varieties, you know.

Justin: Wow, that’s a lot of apples.

Diana: Sometimes there’s entertainment, an open grill, you know, they have food, they have beverage.

Justin: They’re making all of these things out of their apples, so you can buy apple cider…

Diana: Yeah, well I even know of an orchard, I even know of one that has these giant trampolines.

Justin: They’re there to help you pick the apples.

Diana: Well, no, I think it just helps pass the time.

Justin: I think so, too. You know, another thing that people really like to do are Renaissance festivals, Celtic festivals, the Highland Games sort of things.

Diana: Highland Games. We must be looking at the same list.

Justin: I think we are.

Diana: No, a lot of my friends really like the Renaissance fairs.

Justin: Yeah, those are a lot of fun, and there’s usually one, I mean those are becoming more popular.

Diana: Yes, they are.

Justin: There’s been one that I know of, for a long time, where we are, but now I think there’s three in the area. So, those are a lot of fun to take your family to as well.

Diana: Yes, then of course you might have some fine arts and crafts festivals and fairs in your area. You want to look those up. Farmer’s markets are going to be going on into October for most areas.

Justin: Yep, that’s absolutely true. Well, in some places they go on all the way through…

Diana: That’s true, if they’re indoors, yeah.

Justin: Up to the holiday season.

Diana: Or if you’re listening in California, maybe year-round.

Justin: That’s right, absolutely. So, go out and enjoy those autumn activities and the sights and the sounds, and the smells of autumn. Until next time.

Diana: Take care.

Justin: Tech Table is brought to you by MPA of Bloomfield, Iowa, and God’s Country Radio. You can visit us online at

Diana: If you have questions or comments, please send them to That’s

Justin: And thanks for listening.

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