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Nitro Methane & Kit Kats – Nathan tells us more about what revs his engine

July 24, 2014

Nathan Norton is a tech-guy extraordinaire. One of the quietest among MPA employees (we’re a pretty boisterous bunch over here), I wanted to get to know him a bit better. So, I asked him to star in this month’s Q&A, and he graciously agreed.

1) How long have you been with MPA? I have been employed with MPA since March of 2013, so a little over a year now.

2) What is your role here? Information Technology and Tech Support. Just about any kind of computer related question or problem. I solve problems related to technology.

3) What has been your most exciting project with MPA? My most exciting project… Hmm, I would say Chariton Valley Electric. Recently they have moved to a whole new computer system and way of doing their daily tasks. A massive change for the employees there with lots of hands-on installs and troubleshooting for me.

“I solve problems related to technology.”

4) You mentioned somewhat recently that you were working on “Turning an Android tablet into a full blown replacement for a desktop/laptop for a computer tech.” How’s that coming? As with most technology, it seems after a tablet or phone becomes just a year or two old that it quickly becomes abandoned by the company that made it. What I mean is they stop developing updates and improvements to it. With the help of the folks over in the XDA Developers Forums and CyanogenMod, I have been able to take a tablet that is three years old and install the latest version of Android, Kit Kat. The project is coming along but a ways from being finished.

5) What’s your favorite summertime activity? I have always enjoyed a NHRA Drag Race during the hottest time of the summer and the smell of Nitro Methane! Awesome!

Perhaps we’ve found the setting in which Nathan gets a little loud himself…

Diana Hill

Project Manager / Media Specialist - Diana is our Media Specialist by day, then a performer and music teacher by night. She brings to MPA a deep passion for creativity, and a near-insanity level of organization. Diana attended Indian Hills College and Truman State University, the latter from which she holds a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Vocal Performance. She loves her family & friends, digs historic preservation, and just appreciates life in general. Being bored is never a problem, and she hasn't quite figured out how to do something “half-way.”

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