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Q&A with Jodie

November 5, 2013

Jodie is a great designer. She’s also a really cool person. We like to check in with her about her favorite projects now and then.

1. Working with Bare Root involved several projects. What were they?

We worked on developing a logo, an Etsy Shop banner & profile Image, and Bare Root product labels.

2. What impressed you most about the products? About the company?

The owner, Mona Fowler, is super sweet. And to top that off, the soaps and lotions contain natural ingredients, look beautiful, and smell amazing!

3. What was challenging about this project, and how did you overcome it?

I wanted to create something unique, just like the product. I wanted the branding to reflect the product, itself. While creating, I kept three descriptive words in mind:fresh, natural, earthy. I also wanted the branding to reflect the company name Bare Root, so people will see the logo and immediately know the product is good for them.

4. Anything else you’d like to say?

I’ve tried two of the soaps, a lotion, a bug bite balm and also a bug repellant. My favorite is the lotion with oatmeal, while my husband loves the bug repellant – working outdoors, he’s miserable without it! Both the bug bite balm and the bug repellant come in chapstick-like containers – small and easy-to-take anywhere. I wish I could make the logo scratch & sniff to smell as good as her products. :) Hey there’s an idea for our next collaboration!

Jodie Atkinson

Designer & Video Specialist - Jodie is a mom to a very active three-year-old, Abbie, who keeps her hopping. A recent transplant to Southeast Iowa, Jodie and her family are enjoying the relaxed pace of living in a rural community. She joined our team from the hurry and scurry of the Des Moines metro area, where she worked at Gannett/Des Moines Register creating dozens of ads every day. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from UNI in Graphic Design and loves creating design that matters. Jodie’s mantra: “Be great. Create.”

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