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Moiré Supports Live Theatre

August 1, 2014

One art form I enjoy almost above all others is that of the live theater. I find particular joy in watching those talented thespians bring to life the words of playwrights past and present. A good piece of theater can bring you to the edge of your seat, make you laugh so hard you cry, give you goosebumps and also great joy. Even more than that, however, it can open your eyes to something you might not have thought about before or might have buried deep inside yourself. It can inspire and enlighten, enrich and, some would even say, maintain the soul.

Of all forms of live theater, what I enjoy the most is the exploration of new work. There is something beautiful about a writer’s vision coming to life for the very first time – being birthed by a creative team and presented to the awaiting world. Many theater groups have programs and festivals to foster new work, including the theater most local to me. In fact, this weekend, the Davis County Players will be presenting their annual “Summer Shorts Festival“.  I invite you all to join me in celebrating live theater this weekend!

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