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June 6, 2014

Jenna writes in “I’m just getting into social networking. What do you think I should use? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?”

Jenna, my dear, isn’t it a fabulous thing that you can come to me, a kitty cat, and ask such life changing questions? I applaud you for coming out of the dark ages and diving into social media. The question you really should be asking is “Which is better for my lifestyle – Facebook or Twitter?” You see, Instagram is almost an ‘add on’ to your already thriving social network. It’s like enhancing your car with nifty leopard print seat covers. That said, let’s start with either Facebook or Twitter for now.

In short, you should use Facebook if you want to keep up with your friends and family. If you want to share milestones, photos, videos with people you know well, Facebook is still the way to go. Twitter, however, is for those of us who enjoy spreading our witty insights to the greater populous (our followers) on a constant basis and in only short, 140 character quips. While Facebook will ask you “what’s on your mind?” the general consensus is that Twitter is the more appropriate place for such thoughts. Facebook has become, instead, the place where you might share, on a less regular occasion, a video of your kitten playing with a string, your child’s first steps, your divorce story, or news about your new job.

Twitter is for those of us who enjoy spreading our witty insights to the greater populous in 40 character quips.

Jenna, it is now up to you to decide which method you prefer to start with and go for it! Seize the day!

Until next time, my faithful readers, always remember one important thing: Don’t post everything. No one cares that much.

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