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Moiré Weighs in on Iowa State Fair Food

July 11, 2014

OK ENOUGH! Iowa State Fair, you’ve about made a mockery of my favorite and most precious food group – The CORNDOG. I mean, I looked past the pork chop on a stick, which is obviously just a pork chop still on the bone. I even looked past the new funnel cake sticks. (In fact I’ve pre-ordered a kitty’s dozen.) But now you and your money-hungry vendors have gone a bit too far. It’s ridiculous, it’s out of control, some would even say it’s RECKLESS.

In case you, my faithful readers, have not heard yet, the Iowa State Fair has announced a new “food on a stick” (if you can even call it FOOD). With much needless fanfare they have announced the CAPRESE SALAD ON A STICK. Really? I might as well go around eating grass. Where is the joy in a salad on a stick? And moreover, isn’t a salad supposed to be mixed together in order to marry different flavors? This is a tomato, followed by a leaf, followed by a small cheese ball. I don’t get it. I want a CORNDOG. A big, fat, juicy, batter-dipped slice of heaven.

I do hope sales of your salad go well. Otherwise I’d use the leftover sticks to skewer whoever came up with this debauchery!

Fondest Regards Fair Goers,



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