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Moiré Dotes on the County Fair

July 18, 2014

We are knee deep in county fair season once again – and I don’t mean kitty knees! I wanted to take a moment and share with you my fondness for these traditional agricultural celebrations.

Let me explain the importance and symbolism of THE COUNTY FAIR.

It seems that almost every county, especially in the Midwest, has at least one of these and many have two. Now, those of you who might term yourselves as ‘city dwellers’ might be rolling your eyes at my every word; however let me explain the importance and symbolism of THE COUNTY FAIR.

You see, the county fair is more than just odd food things on a stick, pigs, and a variety show. It’s about community – and pride in that community. It’s about the young people who show their prized livestock that has been raised and nurtured from birth. It’s about the heritage of quilting and crafting handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter. It’s about the tradition of bringing food to the world through farming, the county fair being a place where farmers gather yearly to discuss new methods and equipment. It’s about the church pianist that rarely plays outside the walls of the local Baptist church except for that shining moment when she takes 1st place in the talent show. And last, but certainly not least, it’s about sharing all of this with each other.

I invite you, even you city dwellers, to venture out to the local county fair and experience firsthand what I’m talking about. The county fair is more than meets the eye.

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