May 7, 2015

We don’t mean to scare you, but there’s some pretty big security risk possibly headed your way.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 will be ending July 14, 2015. But what does this mean for you?

According to Microsoft, “After July 14, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any version of Windows Server 2003. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your datacenter, you need to take steps now to plan and execute a migration strategy to protect your infrastructure.”

Don’t wait to upgrade – do it now to avoid the inevitable risks that come with ignoring this notice from Microsoft.

What are the specifics?

There will be no more automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance after the July 14, 2015 date. We know how important it is for your business to be in compliance with current security regulations, so we’re happy to let you know that you have options. We suggest you consider upgrading to Windows 2008 or migrating to Windows Server 2012.

And not only can we offer these suggestions, but we can help bring your system into safety and security compliance.

Here’s what we can do:

Our IT Specialists at MPA will help to assess your server infrastructure. We will not only create a plan to upgrade or migrate your servers regarding this particular Microsoft issue, but we will also be able to suggest additional ways to increase the efficiency and performance of your systems.

Contact us today!

Diana Hill

Project Manager / Media Specialist - Diana is our Media Specialist by day, then a performer and music teacher by night. She brings to MPA a deep passion for creativity, and a near-insanity level of organization. Diana attended Indian Hills College and Truman State University, the latter from which she holds a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Vocal Performance. She loves her family & friends, digs historic preservation, and just appreciates life in general. Being bored is never a problem, and she hasn't quite figured out how to do something “half-way.”

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