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Meet Michael & Keith, MPA’s Newest Team Members (Who are ALMOST as Smart as Me)

March 19, 2015

If there is one truth about life that shall be more true than all other truths, it is that change is inevitable.

Here at your beloved creative technology company we continue to evolve, and – with that – our family continues to evolve as well. It is with great privilege, pride, honor, humility, modesty, poignancy, empathy, sympathy, hope, faith, congratulations, and above all, glee, that I am allowed to introduce to you our newest team members – Keith Fisher (IT Manager) and Michael Kaleponi (Office Manager)! They are brilliant and highly qualified new additions to MPA. Please welcome them with the same open paws— errr– ARMS, as I have!

Michael Kaleponi

Michael Kaleponi (Office Manager)

Keith Fisher

Keith Fisher, IT Manager – photobombed by John Deaton in the background…

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