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How to Make Sure Your Letter Gets to Santa on Time. PLUS: A Message from the Man in Red, Himself!

December 11, 2014

Every year people and pets alike flock to me to ask my guidance on many, many issues; however the question that is most often asked this time of year is “how late can I send my letter to Santa Claus and still expect him to get it before Christmas?”

As the wise and omnipotent kitty cat I am, I do have a clear connection with such entities as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and yes, the North Pole. So your questions have come to the right place.NorthPole
The answer is this: Letters to Santa must be received by Dec. 15 to allow the North Pole, and all those creative little elves, to properly process the requests contained therein.Now, in order to assist Santa, the United States Postal Service will take care of getting that letter directly to that jolly old elf for you. The directions can be found HERE. Santa also wanted me to pass along this message:

“Even if your letter doesn’t get to me in time for my response – or proper processing from my workshop – dreams can and DO come true. Always believe. All you have to do is BELIEVE.”

So, my dear readers, send those letters quick and listen to the words of our beloved Santa Claus.

Always believe.

Fondest Regards,





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