Happy 2015!

January 2, 2015

Can you believe another year is already on the books? 2014 has been another amazing year here at MPA.

We’ve been an audience to two of our major software projects taking off. CCW Guardian received over 40,000 downloads in 2014 and TymeShift is now being used in multiple countries throughout the world.

We’ve also had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing businesses and provide IT Services to countless corporations and homes, alike.

It’s no surprise that we dreamed of this happening – and we’ve always believed that dreaming big is a requirement to succeeding big – but when you’re “in it” day-to-day, it’s hard to remember to stop, catch your breath, zoom out, and realize just how much you’ve accomplished. Of course, the hard work isn’t over. We’ve dreamed even bigger in 2015 and I’d love to share our dreams with you.

DREAM #1: Total Protection Managed IT Services

I am really excited to introduce this new service offering to you! But first, a little backstory.

There are two core approaches to IT Services: Break-Fix or Preventative. Of course, all things being equal, most of us would prefer to prevent the problem before it occurs. However when your IT Services cost you by the hour, it’s hard for many of us to see the value in spending money to work on something that’s not broken (yet)! But, just like a car, your IT equipment needs more than just a quick fix when it breaks.

Ever since I was 16 and got my start in the technology industry, I’ve been focused on aligning our customers’ values with our own values.

With those goals in-mind, I’m excited to unveil our new offering: Total Protection Managed IT Services.

The premise of this solution is simple: You want your computers, servers, and networks to work 100% of the time. So do we.

Our new plan includes pro-active maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and the resources of our entire company working to prevent issues BEFORE they occur. This saves you money, time, and frustration. And, if something does go wrong, we take care of it.

The best part? Everything is covered under a fixed, monthly price. And what truly gets me the most excited about this new plan is that it fully aligns your values with ours; when we prevent problems before they occur, we are most efficiently using our resources. That’s when you’re the happiest! 

DREAM #2: Growing Our Apps

We’ve got some big plans for 2015 for our two software products, CCW Guardian and TymeShift.

We’re also continuing to work hard to design, develop, and implement software solutions for fellow businesses. We’ve already got a few projects in the pipeline and can’t wait to help you build the perfect solution for your business in 2015.

As you can see, we’re more than excited about what the future holds. Thank you so much for allowing us to work with your organization. I can’t wait to write you again next year!

Here’s to making 2015 the best year yet!

David Birchmier

David Birchmier

CEO - At age 15, David & his father built his first computer together. This bonding time also sparked a fire in him to learn more about computers. Fast forward a year or two, David was helping his neighbors & friends with their own tech issues. Even at such a young age, David recognized that one must understand the person & their unique challenge before a real solution can be offered. David holds an AAS & an AA from Indian Hills. He currently resides in Bloomfield and enjoys songwriting and a friendly game of poker.

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