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Cats and Humility: A topic on which I’m an expert

November 13, 2014

Debbie writes: I have a cat named Dolley who, like you, has come to enjoy a certain amount of fame since I posted her picture on my profile at My problem is that Dolley seems to have developed a rather uppity, snobbish attitude since she found out that her picture is on the internet and is available to anyone worldwide who might want to see it. Do you have suggestions on what I might do to help Dolley become the humble, loving cat she used to be?


My dearest Debbie,

I will ask you two questions in return, which might help you to understand Dolley’s plight a bit more.

1. Did you ask Dolley before posting her photo online? I’m concerned that perhaps dear Dolley is worried she’ll be kitty-napped for her good looks by the odd internet creeper. We, among the feline family, must feel safe. Perhaps you’ve mistaken her snobbish attitude for a guarded one, instead? Having a nice long talk might set her mind at ease.

2. Maybe you just need to embrace Dolley’s “snobbish” attitude. The positive marketing implications of including a sassy feline on your site could be well worth making the concessions needed to deal with a little “cattitude” problem. Don’t you agree? Imagine the heightened sense of image and brand your business could feel if Ms. Dolley is properly marketed? In fact, maybe some of her attitude is caused because she doesn’t feel like you are using her image to the level it should be. Kitty cats have a very strong sense of duty, you know.

At the very least, and in closing, I thank you for your question, Debbie. I believe the most important aspect of this issue is that you are finding value in your kitty and she is finding herself valued. Love, and be loved in return. It’s a beautiful thing! (Even when it has a snobby, uppity edge.)

Fondest Regards,






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